This year the UGA iGEM team introduced a multiple cloning site into pdonor 207 vectors, that is compatible with PGWB1 and PGWB2 plant vectors that are commonly used for agrobacterium mediated gene transfer. The team has also been working to characterize the BS3 resistance gene and a strong 6XUAS minimal CaMV 35S promoter for use in plant reporter systems. Our team has also been involved with the Lambert iGEM chapter and has helped them to test a novel electroporator, in addition to helping them complete their interlab. For human practices, we helped teach a summer camp about topics in synthetic biology with Lambert High School, and we also did an analysis of the policies and attitudes towards using synthetic biology to modify plants.
Our projects have been supported financially by the University of Georgia's departments of Microbiology, entomology, and the parent leadership council at UGA. The Kvitko laboratory has generously hosted our team and provided advice, reagents, and protocols, providing training for techniques that the iGEM team members did not enter the project knowing. Brian Kvitko has helped the students with the design of the project and sequences. The pJAB1489 and pJAB1504 sequences were received from Jennifer Brophy.
The University of Georgia does not teach a class for iGEM, but students may participate in iGEM for standard laboratory credits. This project was begun in May 2018, with general laboratory training for new members beginning in April. Project inception began in February.
The members of the 2018 iGEM team designed and practiced the presentation/wiki, and have received generic presentation coaching through research classes at UGA. Human practices were conducted with Lambert High School and with our members per our policy questions.
We thank all members of the UGA iGEM team for their help with the project, and a list of each students' efforts is listed below:

  • Project Design: Stephan George
  • Wet Lab/Parts Cloning: Stephan George, Kelton McConnell, Alexandra Cetatoiu, Lui Suzuki-Williams
  • Fundraising: Stephan George, Arjun Bhatt, Kelton McConnell
  • Interlab: Kelton McConnell, Chynna Pollitt
  • Human Practices: Oohaa Vennapusa, Avery Duncan, Arjun Bhatt, Chynna Pollitt, Stephan George, Priya Radhakrishnan
  • Wiki Design: Stephan George, Lui Suzuki-Williams, and Arjun Bhatt