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Member's Attributions

  • Jiarong Peng:
  • Did general support and art-piece preparation;

  • Zhi Luo
  • Did web design, interlab measurement, enzyme assay;

    "Zhi helped to build Team wiki, wrote experiment protocols, designed the experimental scheme under the guidance of Prof. Chinsong and participated in the main wet experiment, including hydrolyzing ginsenoside, dealing with experiment data,doing TLC experiment with Guanke and Yuwei, transforming Ecoli BL21 with plasmid and culturing bacteria. Additionally, Zhi was also in charge of the InterLab study along with Guanke and Jiarong. In summer holiday, Zhi participated in human practice with Yuwei and Guanke. In making wiki, Zhi learnt how to read the html language and did most of coding job, further more, Zhi taught the team members about what he learnt and sharing technics on making web pages with us to help the whole team finish the wiki more efficiently and smoothly."

  • Guanke Bao:
  • Did chemical hydrolysis reactions, web design;

    "During web lab period, Guanke focused on TLC and Ecoli-related 96 holes experiments. Guanke, together With Zhi Luo and Jiarong Peng, finished the Interlab required. In addition, Guanke wrote down parts of the weekly routine and edited the film of doing experiments. For a student who had’t taken excursion through photoshop and html language, Guanke completed the banner’s designation and some pages in our wiki ( background, humanpractice, interlab and so on) by self-learning and consulting others. In human practice, Guanke drown science illustrations to help kids understanding."

  • Yuwei Zhang:
  • Did general support; did modeling and math simulation;

    "Under teacher’s guidance, Yuwei Zhang is responsible for modeling using JDesigner. Yuwei studied the absorption of active ingredients from Ginseng and Notoginseng into organisms by the related literature of Fufang Xueshuantong, learned the structure of GinsenosideRb1, GinsenosideRg1, NotoginsenisideR1 and speculated that they may be in vivo cyclic conversion which fitted through JDesigner modeling." Yuwei participated in parts of experiments and collated related data drafting. Yuwei took part in Human Practice and did video recording.

  • Wenjing Tao:
  • Did cell reporter gene assay; did site-directed mutagenesis;

  • Haitao Dong:
  • Did general support;

    General Support

    Prof. Ching Song gave us experimental guidance.

    Prof. Ching Song and Le Lv kindly provided the laboratory for us

    Prof. Zhanghuai and other teachers helped us with some general suggestions.

    Equipment Support

    Prof. Guoqing Shi provided us PerkinElmer Enspire plate reader

    Prof. Ching Song provided us all experimental materials

    Prof. Zhanghuai and other teachers helped us with some general suggestions.