Team:UST Beijing/Human Practices

Team:UST Beijing/Human_Practices -

Part1 protein structure

3D molecular models give kids a more straightforward way to observe the protein microworld. By explaining the three dimentional structure of globin—a kind of Y-shaped antibody, functioning as safety guards against the invasion of pathogens, kids use magic rulers to create their own quaternary structure of protein.

Part2 cell insight

We use house stereo puzzles to explain how a single cell works in human body and help to build those models with participants.

Part3 energy conversion car

Through solar car and brine-driven trolley, we give our young participants a different perspective of energy using. What’s more, under our volunteers’guidance,with their effort,they successfully drove the mini cars to run. That is to say, convert solar energy and electricity to kinetic energy.


After the event—Part4 interview

we interviewed couple of kids and teenagers to talk about their comprehension of biology and iGem.Mr Cheng, a middle school student, told us, ”biology is always my passion. If I have the superpower to synthetize the compound that I want,I'd like to develop super influenza virus antibody to help human beings.”Mr Lee, an eight-year-old primary school student, after the activity,clearly explained to us what is 3D print in his comprehension.