Team:UST Beijing/Collaborations


With Team CIEI-BJ , Team BCU and BIT_China

May 9th is the day when we first met up. iGEM participants and instructors from two universities gathered together in USTB.Our journey started from then. Their fermenter and notoginseng by artifical cultivated gave us new perspective of our project On July 24th,Team CIEI-BJ has invited Team BIT_China, Team BFSUICC_China, Team UST_Beijing and Team The Colorful Ladies together to exchange ideas.

  • Make acquaintances
  • Exchange ideas
  • Enlighten sparkles

It's our pleasure to be engaged in these activities and appreciate others' charm.

By inviting junior and graduate students talking us through, we have a better overview of our university's iGEM project in last year. No matter the legendary figure——Pangu in Chinese mythology or the algorithm Pangu named after him , both attracted the biology enthusiasts. Moreover, students form BCU introduced the methods of planting notoginseng, which increased our knowledge.

Undergraduate, high school, junior high students and their instructors together learned from other strong points and close the gap.