Team:WashU StLouis/Basic Part

The following part was derived from E. coli 1303’s ribitol operon to break down ribitol into a sugar that all E. coli are able to metabolize. The sequences are are compatible for use in all strains of E. coli.

Part Name Part Number Part Function
Ribitol Transporter BBa_K2663000 Allows for the transport of ribitol into E. coli

These basic part sequences that encode for the following proteins were all derived from foreign organisms and were codon optimized for use in sp. Saccharomyces.

Part Name Part Number Part Function
Sr35 Resistance Protein (CC-NBS-LRR resistance protein) BBa_K2663002 Produces the Sr35 resistance protein which triggers a hypersensitive response in wheat when interact to the corresponding Pgt effector
AvrSr35 Avirulence Factor BBa_K2663003 Produces the AvrSr35 avirulence factor which is naturally secreted by Pgt when infecting wheat

This part was improved from part BBa_K416004 designed by the 2010 NYU iGEM team.

Part Name Part Number Part Function
Aga2 + (Gly3Ser)4 + yeGFP BBa_K2663005 Produces Aga2 linked to yeGFP by a flexible (Gly3Ser)4 linker to allow surface display.