Team:WashU StLouis/Medal Fullfillment


  • Registered and attended the Giant Jamboree
  • Completed competition deliverables: (1) Wiki, (2) Poster, (3) Presentation, (4) Judging Form
  • Included attributions page on the wiki
  • Successfully completed the 2018 InterLab Measurement Study


  • Designed, validated, and submitted a new BioBrick part
  • Collaborated with multiple teams in new uses for our parts, procuring materials, and testing the ergonomics of our device.
  • Conducted comprehensive Human Practices through discussions with businesses with non conventional agricultural methods, farmers both locally and abroad whose crops are affected by Pgt, and professionals who study Pgt


  • Integrated Human Practices work and findings into design and features of device and project
  • Created a kinetic model for the sensitivity of engineered yeast and E. coli as well as mathematical model for the spread of wind-borne spores