Team:WashU StLouis/Composite Part

The following parts were assembled using a combination of basic parts designed by our team and parts from the iGEM registry.

Part Name Part Number Part Composition
Ribitol Transporter Operon BBa_K2663001 Synthesized gene of ribitol transporter downstream of a promoter and RBS
AvrSr35 Avirulence Factor Operon BBa_K2663004 Synthesized gene of AvrSr35 virulence factor with Gal1 promoter and Tef1 terminator
Sr35 Resistance Protein Operon BBa_K2663007 Synthesized gene of Sr35 resistance protein with Gal1 promoter
yeGFP Aga2 Surface Display Operon BBa_K2663006 Synthesized gene of Aga2 linked to yeGFP by a flexible (Gly3Ser)4 with a Gal1 promoter