Sugar of the Future

D-psicose gives us a glimpse of what sugar in the future would be like. Completely safe and as tasty, but provides barely no energy. On the contrary, it even benefits diabetes and obesity and more!

It provides only 0.3% energy of sucrose, but is 70% as sweet.

Power of Evolution

Directed evolution (DE) is a Nobel Prize method in seeking for better enzymes. But screening manully is not even close to the real power of evolution.

We unleashed the power of antibiotic resistance as a quantitative reporter, and used Biosensors as a bridge to evolutional pressure. This is our secret in achieving extra high throughput!

Cascade of precision

Worrying about antibiotics are too toxic, or the threshold is not matched? Here we present our Tl-Cp cassete as a tunable resistance, which pull the evolutionary pressure to a suitable level.

Precision is never achieved without modelling! Come and see the math behind each level of regulation which eventually made the system possible.


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