Team:CSU Fort Collins


CSU iGEM 2018

An undergraduate synthetic biology team

The Colorado State University iGEM team is tackling the issue of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA. Antibiotic resistant bacteria represents a very urgent problem in medicine for our generation. As we fail to kill diseases through the use of antibiotics we inadvertently create an increasingly harmful organism. Our team is attempting to create a different process for the elimination of MRSA through the use of phage to target MRSA with a very high specificity. We hope to target topical S. aureus by leveraging quorum sensing mechanisms of the target organism and implementing the agr complex in E. coli. Then, a phage will be produced in E. coli based off the concentration gradient of S. aureus's auto inducing peptide. Finally, in the event that the phage is unable to lyse S. aureus we will implement a crispr Cas9 system to knock out the Mec A gene which is linked to antibiotic resistance.
Special thanks to our sponsors who made this team possible