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Interlab Study

Interlab Study

Our team decided to participate in the Interlab Study. The results are at the top, and the notebook is at the bottom of the page.

Particle Standardization Curves:

We first created a particle standard curve to ensure proper lab techniques and the instruments are functioning properly.

Particle Standardization Curves:

Then we created a Fluorescence Standard Curve. The line was a 1:1 slope, which indicates proper techniques and calibrated instrument.



Monday, July 7/16-Neil Rettedal

Transformed the 8 plasmids needed for interlab study according to attached protocol, and incubated for 18hrs at 37C.

Tuesday, July 7/17-Neil Rettedal

Picked two colonies from each plate and plated them each on thier own plates, and incubated at 37C for 18hrs.

Wednesday, July 7/18-Neil Rettedal

Inocculated 5mL tubes of Lb medium + Chlorampenicol with the samples and incubated them at 37C and 220rpm for 24hrs. Began the first two calibration experiments, but had incorrect readings. Will troubleshoot errors tomorrow.

Thursday, July 7/19-Neil Rettedal

Discovered that the errors were due to the wrong type of 96 well plate, reran calibration experiments according to iGEM protocol. Put samples in fridge at 4C until calibration is complete.

Friday, July 7/20-Neil Rettedal

Ran third calibration experiment. Made 1:10 dilutions for each of the test samples, then tested the Abs600. Used Abs600 data to calculate dilutions needed to have each sample reach a target Abs600 of 0.02. Refridgerated samples at 4C until next day for final dilution and experiment.

Saturday, July 7/21-Neil Rettedal

Incubated samples at 37C and 220rpm to revive them, and measured Abs600 to ensure calculated dilutions were still correct. Prepared the dilutions, and carried out the experiment according to Interlab Study protocol.