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Of CO2urse

A biological approach to “off” CO2 emission

Ever since the 90s when concern over the impact of carbon emission on our environment was first raised, global-wide efforts in reducing emission have been met with mixed results. Just 2017 alone the global emission level grew by 1.4%. This year, iGEM NCKU_Tainan will design a device capable of piping CO2 and convert such carbon source into biomass via intergrating a non-native Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle into E. coli. “Of Course” is a biological approach to “off” CO2 emission through the RuBisCO and PRK genes from Synechococcus sp, which encode for major enzymes involved in carbon fixation. Industrial gases will enter a pipe (inlet) at the bottom of a cylindrical container, flow through a ceramic nozzle and mix with liquids containing engineered E. coli that consumes CO2. Furthermore, CO2 concentration will be determined by monitoring the corresponding change in pH using an asr (acid shock RNA) promoter containing E. coli with a sfGFP as reporter. Our ultimate goal is that this novel approach will reduce CO2 in order to slow down global climate changes.

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