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Human Practice

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Human Practice
1. How did our Human Practice work integrate into our project?

We divide our Human Practice into three parts, it includes Enterprise visit, meet up with professors and other iGEMers. Each part gives us different improvements to our project. Enterprise visit makes us more realize how our project works in practice and how can we apply our project more appropriately. All the professors have their professional fields, so we visit them to gain a variety of suggestion from different perspectives, which makes our project improve more comprehensively. We met up with many other iGEMers, and we inspired more idea and knew more direction that we can try to make our project better in our communication.

2. Can our integrated human practice serve as an inspiring example to other teams?

We went beyond our lab, and connected with enterprise. As our project focus on developing a carbon capture system, we met with our potential client, China Steel Corporation, the largest steel maker in Taiwan. We targeted our users, and did our best to show our idea to them. Simultaneously, we gained the most directly feedback from enterprise, realized what they care about, and how could we revise our project to satisfy enterprise standard. Fortunately, they admired our idea and expressed their willingness to help us. That is a great affirmation to our project.

3. How did we document in a way that other teams can build upon?

Before we recorded our HP activities, we have listed our goal, procedure and expected effect of every our HP. After the end of every HP, we sent our comment form to people who involved our activity to get their feedback. That helped us know what feelings and effect that our activity brought to them. During the time we documented, we could confirm every goal whether we have met our expectation and reflected on ourselves. All the document we recorded reminded us what we have gained and how we could improve our project.

4. How we work in our implementation thoughtfully?

After confirming the topic of our project, we listed the activities which is related to our project. We first confirmed the value of each activity to our project, then we thought about how to implement them. We searched a lot of information online, we connected professors actively and we also sought any possible resource around us to do HP. Finally, we finished every different levels of our project-related human practice. In addition, except for the general human practice, we also made every effort to think about more creative ways to practice our project to let our HP more diversified.

Integrated Practices

We met with several experts both in academia and industry. They gave us valuable advice that affected project. Click the picture for more details.

Public Engagement

To bring our project to the real life, we walked beyond the laboratory to share our idea of utilization of carbon dioxide. Click the picture for more details.


We have worked with several 2018 iGEM teams. Click the picture for more details.

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