2018 colorectal cancer molecular detection

Project description

Colorectal cancer is known as a common type of malignant tumor worldwide with the morbidity rising sharply in China.Though there are already early detection methods and treatments that would effectively prevent the development of advanced colorectal cancer, the noncompliance with endoscopic screening for specific diseased population, as well as the inability of methods detecting cancer at a molecular level keep prompt diagnosis remains difficult.

Therefore, we aim to develop a non-invasive means to molecularly detect and locate the foci of colorectal-associated diseases, including colorectal cancer and colitis (which is a risk factor of cancer) by using ultrasound. We are planning to engineer bacteria that target colorectal cancer or respond to colitis meanwhile producing gas vesicles,which makes noninvasive prompt detection possible using ultrasound. Through this project we hope to offer a new perspective and method in the screening and detecting of colorectal cancer as well as pre-cancerous changes.