Background - Early Diagnosis and Screening

Early Diagnosis

Each year, more than 14 million people are diagnosed with cancer. Approximately two thirds of global cancer deaths are in less developed countries, where case fatality rates are higher due to late-stage presentation and less accessible treatment. The consequences of delays in care and advanced cancer are dire, as the likelihood of death and disability from cancer increases significantly as cancer progresses. It is therefore critical to develop programs to provide access to timely diagnosis and treatment.

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Colon Cancer

Colorectal cancer has become a predominant cancer in recent years, resulting from the increasingly ageing population, unfavorable modern dietary habits and an increase in risk factors. New treatments for primary and metastatic colorectal cancer have emerged, while these new treatment options still have had limited impact on cure rates and long-term survival.For these reasons, and the recognition that colorectal cancer is long preceded by a polypoid precursor, new screening programs have gained momentum.

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(Author:Bozitao Zhong)