We are honored to win the Gold Award and nomination for Best Diagnostics Project in the iGEM 2018 competition.


Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance

Competition Deliverables

Attributions. Visit our Attributions page.

Characterization/Contribution. Visit our Interlab page.


Validated Part/Validated Contributions

We have created 9 new part in total include one part for improvement. All of these part had been submitted to the Registry. Visit our part page.


This year we had collaborated with five 2018 iGEM teams in total, from mentoring a team to troubleshooting a project and providing materials to each other. You can visit the Collaboration page fr more details.

Human practices.

Before we set out to realize our project in lab, we did a lot of research about the colon cancer, including its morbidity and pathogenesis. We found that early diagnosis can bring down the morbidity of colon cancer so we went to hospital to communicate with doctors the main disadvantages of existing diagnostic method, colonoscopy. To make early diagnosis more possible, we decided to develop a convenient, cheap, noninvasive screening method. This is where our project started. More details can be found at HP pages.


Integrated Human Practice

From the very beginning of our project, even before we had the most basic ideas about the project, we had put human practice an important place. We talked with experts in related fields. We did research with patients, asking their feeling about the existing diagnostic method. We surveyed the public their acceptance of ECHO. We visited top medicine company about the choice of proper pharmaceutic preparations. You can see how our project developed little by little as the human practice went further at the integrated human practice page.

Improve a Previous Part

This year, we had successfully upgraded the function of OmpA, an lipoprotein. By adding a 15-aa oligo peptide, it can target colon cancer without further process. More about the improve, go to the improve page.

Model the project

Our models impacted our project from the design to the experiments, and even future appliance in human body. More details can be found at model page.

Demonstrate our work

With the help from human practice, results in wet lab and models, we made sure that our engineered systems works both in vitro and in vivo. With further refinement, it can be brought into reality. Also we create special page to explain the safety about our projects. More details can be found at demonstrate and safety page.