Team members

Yirui Hong

Junior, major in bioengineering, School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. Student leader of the team and also do some lab work. Like reading, love traveling and always be ready to try something new.

Bozitao Zhong

Junior, major in bioinformatics
School of Life Science and Biotechnology
I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea,
The old voice warning me,
"Beware, beware the wilderness of the science"

Ruoyu Xia

A sencond year student majoring in pharmacy. Struggling to introduce herself. Always be optimistic to the experiment result as she always doesn't know what happenens. Her dream is everyone (Include herself) can have a nice sleep every time.

Zhihan Liang

Junior, major in life science, Zhiyuan College. Always kind and patient, sometimes sensitive.
Life can be a painful struggle and science is really hard and bitter. We are all ordinary guys in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. I am willing to be the boy who is going to build a ladder to the stars.

Zhixiang Liu

Junior, major in biotechnology, School of Life Science and biotechnology. Like history than biology.Sleep early and get up early.
Always read two lines from a poem,"Were it to benefit my country I would lay down my life,What then is risk to me?"

Shiyu Sun

Junior, major in biomedical engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering.

Believe all kinds of science are harmony and can be connected.

Like to do different things in the different fields.

Work in both wet and dry lab in the team.

Xin Zhang

Major in biomedical engineering and minor in business administration. I like sports and games, dreaming to be a professional DOTA player. Now I do some small things in dry-lab and help with modeling.

Kuan Yao

I'm Yao Kuan, a freshman from Biomedical Engineering Institute of SJTU. My current field of interest is applying cutting-edge methods of Radiomics to the detection of diseases and the risk prediction of having an operation. It’s really crazy that our team combined bacteria and ultrasonic image together. Participating in the awesome iGEM competition leads me to my own areas of interests. Thanks a lot to my teammates for helping me knocking on the gate of biology.

Peixiang He

Junior, major in biotechnology, School of Life Science and biotechnology. Always staying up late, always working in the lab while feeling sleepy. Sometimes playful and lose myself in games. Participating in project and experiments designing. Getting alone with other iGEMers makes me really feeling good.

Weiwen Wu

Majoring in landscape architecture ,sometimes I can't understand why I become an iGEMer. Working with my nice teammates, I realize the meaning of this special experience. I always endeavor to become thoughtful, independent and calm, and always thank all my real, interesting and like-minded companions.

Kairan Zhang

He is student of biomedical sciences, and thus he is currently engaged in cleaning the iGEM office, occassionally participating in some experiments. Like most of his schoolmates, he is a devoted fan of President Jiang, therefore firmly believing that his knowledge level needs to be improved.

Shuyu Zheng

I am shuyu, from department of agriculture and biology, with deep interest in early screening of colorectal cancer. I finished my undergraduate thesis 'study on early screening methods and prediction models for colorectal cancer based on biomarkers of gut microbiota' in July,2018. With realization that current detection methods for CRC are far from satisfactory due to their poor specificity and poor compliance, I joined this team, looking forward to a new key for this big issue. More personal info about me could be found at Shuyu's homepage.

Yuncong Ran

My name is Ran Yuncong, a sophomore from the School of Biomedical Engneering, SJTU. I was born in Chongqing, China, an enthusiastic city crowded by ripple-like green mountains and the gentle, nourishing Yangtze River. I love my mother town, it’s a city that breathes kindness to me. I learned to be nice, take care of others and I’d love to make friends. I have a little knowledge about photograph, and going shooting with friends is one of my favorites. I also listen to music in my leisure, classic ones especially, but sadly I can play none of the instruments. That’s almost me. Glad to know you, I hope it would be a nice experience that getting along with me.

Jiayi Xiao

Junior majoring in biotechnology. Involed in mouse inducing group as well as molecular experiments, meaning to engage in mouse fights peace making as well as bacteria baby-sitting. Gives presentations from conference to conference, so I might look familiar.

Anyuan Tian

I am Anyuan Tian,18 years old.I like playing go and play football.What's more,I am interested in the computational biology.Also,I want everybody to make friend with me.Very glad to be a member of my igem team,where I am part of the modeling group.

Qingwei Fang

I am a senior student from School of Biomedical engineering, SJTU. My hobby involves long running and Chinese calligraphy. My research interest is focusing on the interdiscipline of computer science and synthetic biology, especially on the exploration of new imaging methods that enable doctors and researchers to see what they want to see. And my motto is "NO pain, no gain".

Yulin Liao

I am a student in school of agriculture and biology, major in both animal science and computer science. Very glad to be a menber of this iGEM team and I am currently participating in modeling and wiki.

Shihao Bai

I am Shihao Bai, major in bioinformatics. I like comic books like onepiece, and my hobby is playing badminton. After school, I usually exercise with my friends. In the three years of my college, I make many friends and learn a lot, especially my skills to obtain information. In our igem team, I'm a number of HP group and I communicated with University of Ottawa.


Zhuoyang Chen

Junior, major in bioengineering

School of Life Science and Biotechnology

I possess the knowledge of many subjects like digital circuit and computer science.

Wish to have a good trip in the US and have fantastic experience. I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.

Zhijun Wang

Senior, major in Biomedical Engineering

School of Biomedical Engineering

In 2017, focus on science and technology of the project

In 2018, focus on heritage and development of our team.

Ghang Gao

Junior, major in biotechnology

, School of Life Science and biotechnology.

I felt at home when doing experiments or talking with new iGEMers.

I’m always a small cat, and always young.


Lin He

Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chief Planner and team leader

Gang Ma

Associate Professor

Co-Principal Investigator

Yushu Wang

Research assistant

Team Advisor