We are so grateful for receiving tremendous help from these amazing people on the way turning our idea into reality. You have been not only our helper but also our inspiration and emotional support that motivate us on completing a nearly impossible mission. We couldn’t have accomplished anything without you. We owe you our best thanks.

  • Team Work


      Our project came out from months of brainstorming and was first proposed by Kairan Zhang on June with solid foundation laid after great amount of synthetic biology-related readings. Being the core of this project Zhang has been continuously giving new thoughts as well as advice on the project design throughout the season, and has carried out great improvement on our device.


      Peixiang He, Zhihan Liang, Zhixiang Liu and Yirui Hong were mainly responsible for biobrick-related works in wet lab. They were capable of engineering unique bacteria that express exactly how we wanted them to. It is also their efforts on preparing engineered bacteria for further properties examination in cell and mouse experiments.

    Cell Experiments

      Cancer cell lines HT29 and normal epithelial cell lines HACAT were cultured by Yuncong Ran, Shiyu Sun, Ruoyu Xia and Shihao Bai to serve as the subjects for multiple short peptides adhesive property examinations. The examinations aimed to testify the specificity of antigen-antibody binding between our bacteria and different cell lines.

    Mouse Experiments

      Mouse experiments are among the most important parts of our projects and they are mainly designed and performed by Shuyu Zheng and CHIA-YI HSIAO, including diseased mouse model induction as well as device testifying.

    Ultrasound imaging

      Ultrasound-related experiments were mainly designed and performed by Qingwei Fang. He also developed the Matlab code for ultrasound image processing job. And Shiyu Sun carried on doing this job when Qingwei was overwhelmed with the team wiki.

    MRI imaging

      Qingwei Fang recorded MRI imaging experiment and assisted in experiment design as well as data processing. And Kuan Yao helped with the record of the experiments while Qingwei being busy on wiki development.


      Shuyu Zheng, Shiyu Sun, Xin Zhang, Anyuan Tian and Yulin Liao did all the modeling work for our projects.

    Human Practices

      Bozitao Zhong, Weiwen Wu, Kuan Yao and Shihao Bai were in charge of the human practices part. Bozitao Zhong was the leader of this part. Weiwen Wu brought up a lot of new ideas. Kuan Yao organized the exhibition and Shihao Bai helped with the research in Canada.


      Our team’s logo, banner, posters, uniforms and the layout of our wiki were all designed by Weiwen Wu. She helped us to rank the second best poster in the fifth CCiC. Yuncong Ran also helped to design the posters exhibited in our 10th anniversary exhibition.


      Our wiki were developed by all of us but Qingwei Fang and Yulin Liao construct the website’s frame for us in advance. Qingwei were in charge with communicating with the designer Weiwen and the development of wiki on computers while Yulin worked on the mobile web.


      Hsiao Chia Yi is our presentation mastermind. She attended the Asia-Pacific iGEM Conference on behalf of our team. Later, she instructed the presentation on the fifth CCiC. Our last presentation on Giant Jamboree was also conducted by her. Her speech is really appealing and full of passion.

  • Advisor Support

    Zhijun Wang

      Zhijun Wang helped us with recruitment of iGEM 2018 team and clarified some confusion related to ultrasound and modeling. He has also given advice on the determination of project and construction of our Wiki.

    Zhuoyang Chen

      Chen has helped a lot on troubleshooting in wet lab. And as a senior, he guided our team work, kept everything in progress and provided information about the competition.

    Chang Gao

      Chang Gao was an active team member last year, so her experiences were extremely useful to determine our project, experiment design, arranging experiments and so on. She has shared many protocols of experiments as well, including constructing plasmids and western blotting. She was also a great help on finishing western blotting.

    Xiang Chen

      Xiang Chen provided us the lab and equipment to do the micro-fluidic experiment..

  • Supervisor Support

    Lin He

      Lin He is the supervisor of our team and the director of Bio-X, who gave us funding and university-related support. He founded iGEM team SJTU-BioX-Shanghai ten years ago and has been supporting us since then.

    Gang Ma

      Gang Ma is the supervisor of our team and the professor of Bio-X, who gave us advice and instructions. He cheerer us up when we felt frustrated. He encouraged us to overcome our limitations and keep trying for the best.

    Yushu Wang

      Yushu Wang spent a lot of time and energy on us, helping with all kinds of problems, from experiments materials supply to troubleshooting. She is just like a sister to all of us, so warm and kind.

  • General Support

    Research institute of Bio-X

      During the whole preparation procedure of the iGEM competition, Bio-X offered us a great support in all aspects. Thanks to their providing of experimental funds and drugs.

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

      Our university gives us logistics support for the whole project. Thanks for the substantial support given by our university.

    School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, SJTU

      During the whole experimentation, School of Life Science and Biotechnology provided us with experimental funds, laboratory and experimental apparatus.

  • Technique Support

    MRI imaging--Prof. Yiping Du

      The MRI experiment was directed by Professor Yiping Du, Dean of the IMIT (Institute of Medical Imaging Technology), Shanghai Jiaotong University. Zhang Yufei designed, conducted experiments and completed data processing.

    CRC induction--Qian Yu

      Yu is an doctoral student who focus on studies related to colorectal cancer mouse model. He is our advicer for the CRC induction process as well as other related experiments. To be precise he offers help on CRC induction, sectioning, as well as cytometry.

    Clinical ultrasonic equipment--Doctor Tian Tsai

      Doctor Tsai is a veterinarian in HongBiZi pet clinic. He has offered us clinical ultrasound equipment free of charge and has given us very useful clinical advice on examining real animals in vitro.

    Overall support--Qingchun Yang

      Yang is a doctoral student in our PI’s group who has long been very kind and helpful on our project. As a senior, she helped us with the orientation in the lab while she also offers tremendous help and advice on all molecular, cell and mouse experiments, including immunohistochemistry, paraffin sectioning, and bacteria transduction. She enlightens us on trying new procedures to better demonstrate our examination and has long been our inspiration and support.

    Micro-fluidic experiment instruction – Chao Han

      Chao Han is a doctoral student of Shanghai General Hospital. He helped with the micro-fluidic chip manufacturing and gave us instructions on chip preparation, pump operation, and sample loading. He also helped with the observation of chips.

  • Materials Support

    Xia Zhang

      Xia Zhang is a teacher in SJTU Experimental Teaching Center. She provided us with plasmid containing egfp gene which was used in the adhesion experiments.

    Gengming Niu

      Gengming Niu, from the Fifth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, Fudan University provided the human cell lines HT29 to us. We used it to test our system in vitro.

    Guoqiang Chen

      Guoqiang Chen is a professor in Tsinghua University. He provided us with plasmid containing the acoustic reporter gene which was used in the ultrasound reporting experiment.

    2018 iGEM teams

      We also got materials support from 2018 iGEM teams, further details can be found atCollabrations page.