A lookout for the future

Because the occurrence of sleeping disorders, depression, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative illnesses becomes more frequent in the modern society, there are huge economic and personal interests in detecting health irregularities as fast and distinct as possible. Likewise, the availability of this detection should be available equitably for everyone. A major part to accomplish this goal is minimizing the coasts of health measurements and proliferate distribution. With MELASENSE it is possible to measure melatonin content for less than six euro [1] when our device is built in mass production. So even people with a lower income could lower the risk of an unseen illness, which could cause to absolute unfitness for work, so they lose their chance of a better life through using their skills at their work.

While neurodegenerative illnesses matter more for elderly people, the risks of depression and sleeping disorders are even important for students. So, an age-dependent allocation could be an option to get more consolation of the population. But also, a progression for a gadget that could measure the hormone concentration overnight is imaginable.

Because no laboratory is necessary for the measurement, even regions with a low populousness or a lack of infrastructure could profit from our device. This would be a huge asset for healthcare and infrastructure.

Because not only melatonin is released in salvia, but also other hormones including steroid ones, assays for lots of hormones could be developed, maybe with different attachments, by more working hours and capital expenditure. Also, an alternative system for doping tests could be designed after the MELASENSE model. [2]

It could be possible to go one step further with integrate probes into mobile advices and conserve them until the measurement. An app, that shows the patients their alteration of hormone concentration by comparison of the average hormone incidence for their stage of life would be also conceivable.

The market for health devices grows and currently there is no prospect of an end. To place it in a Growth-share matrix, we would place our advice in the question mark corner on a high level at the ordinate. There are lot of options for segmentation too, so this advice or parts of it could evolve to new question marks.
So there are lot of points, why an advancement of MELASENSE is interesting for investors and populace.


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  2. Vining, R.F., McGinley, R. (2009)