Our Basic-Part: BBa_K2702000


The part and our project

This part is a key-part of our project as it links the biological project to our hardware device. We do not only use it in our yeast-cell based approach, but also for the cell-free biosensor by making use of the fact that RZR is a soluable monomeric protein easy to purify.


structure RZRb
Figure 1: BioBrick plasmid with RZRβ [1]

The RZRβ (Retinoid-related orphan receptor beta) is a melatonin-sensitive nuclear receptor and transcription factor. By exchanging its native DNA-binding site by the site of the well-known Estrogen Receptor (ER), we made it possible to use reporter genes under the control of the Estrogen Response Element (ERE). This system can be easily adopted for different nuclear receptors and therefore for the detection of different analytes, while the reporter system stays the same.

The codon usage of our biobrick is adopted to S. cerevisiae, as RZR is a human receptor and S. cerevisiae is our eukaryotic model organism.

You can find our biobrick in the iGEM part catalog.


  1. Geneious Data