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Meet the Team

Aachen 2018

This years iGEM-Aachen consists of 13 team-members: 8 Biologists, 3 Biotechnology students, 1 Mechanical and 1 Industrial Engineer.
We were brought together by our curiosity and our wish to create something new.


Biel Badia Roige

His Spanish temperament, communicative as well as scientific competence open doors and possibilities for the team. Biel's sense of humor, spicy charm and expertise behind the wine bar refreshes our mood. As second chairman, he is not only involved in the areas of finance / fundraising and public relations, but is also a virtuoso in the laboratory.

Gerolamo Rota

Gerry is the old hand of our team. He is very spirited and demands the highest discipline from himself and us. "If you do iGEM, you won't have another life" is one of his most famous quotes. He takes a part in the subgroup Finance/Fundraising.

Henri Lila

Henri fulfills his tasks in the team very passionately and conscientiously. Targeted and with a lot of creativity he enriches the team with his visions. He is involved in the areas of design, IT/ Wiki and human practice as well as some lab work.

Jan Biederbeck

Jan motivates the others through his conscientiously concentrated work, has as peacekeeper an open ear for everyone and counteracts pressure with the matching mix of calm and serenity. He is active in the hardware, IT / wiki, finance / fundraising subgroups. As a treasurer, he is also master of the cash flows. His best quote: “With a lot of latex everything is possible! “

Janina Muratagic

Janina is not only purposeful and attentive, but always knows someone who knows specialist or someone you can stay at during a trip. She takes a part in the subgroups Promotion, Hardware, Finance/ Fundraising, IT and Wiki.

Jan Swetschinski

Jan enriches the team with his valuable constructive ideas. With structure and overview he masters his challenges. His qualities come into play in the hardware team and modeling.

Katrin Buengener

Full of rhythm in her blood, Katrin not only dances and sings, but also enriches the team with her sporty and peruvian-warm demeanor. Responsible treatment of nature is an important topic for her. She takes a part in the subgroup Human Practice.

Lea v. Muecke

Lea keeps the overview in the lab and as one of the team-leaders she has a high sense of duty. She also takes a part in the subgroups Human Practice and IT. When she can’t be found in the lab or somewhere close-by, it is probably because she is an absolute outdoor girl and she needs her daily dose of fresh air.

Meryem Pehlivan

Meryem with the difficult lastname has a serious manner and assertiveness, plans a lot and regularly gets an overview of the team. As one of the leaders, she strengthens the team's sense of community, but she also insistently criticises the team. She takes a part in the subgroups Human Practice and Organisation. Furthermore she contibutes at the lab.

Nina Menger

Nina not only organizes a lot for the team, but also for an exclusive life. She takes everything life has to offer her and even passes on a portion of sleep. She takes a part in the subgroups Human Practice, Organisation and Finance/Fundraising. Furthermore she is one of our peacekeepers.

Sabine Gross

Sabine enriches the team with her constructive thoughts and ideas and shares her opinion. She acts in the field of human practice, strengthens the Lab team and is the backup in design. Outside of IGEM, she is passionately involved with the student council and an unorthodox mindset.

Sarah Knapp

Wether in outdoor activities like hiking and climbing or contributing to lab-work in our team, Sarah is determined and disciplined to reach for the top and achieve our goals. She prefers face-to-face conversations rather than standing in the center of attention and takes care of documenting all the work done, so we are able to keep track of our progress. She takes part in the subgroups Human Practice and Wiki.

Song-Kyong Droege

Motivated and with creativity he tackles the challenges in the hardware team. He also works in the lab and in finance / fundraising. Besides iGEM he is a passionate table tennis player and is involved as a coach.


Prof. Dr. Lars Blank

Professor Blank supported us and our project massively the entire time. He not only welcomed us in his laboratory and provided us with a lot of equipment and supplies, he was also always available for question.
We really appreciate him taking the time to meet with us repeatedly, giving us feedback on ideas and presentations and helping us to refine our project concept.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwaneberg

Professor Schwaneberg provided us with a bench in his laboratory as well as all the equipment we needed, including enzymes, chemicals and lab supplies. In many meetings he discussed our project idea with us, gave useful advice and introduced us to members of his team who could help us with certain issues.
We are very grateful for the amazing support that he and his institute have given to us and previous iGEM teams.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wiechert

Director of the IBG-1 from the Forschungszentrum Jülich helped a lot with a different view on our biological problems. With his insight on processengineering and his work with mathematic models he was able to support the modelling for our project and lead us to the idea of the LSPR-Sensor.
Furthermore his kind, friendly and welcoming interaction compared with constructive criticism pushed us forward. We are glad, that he is one of our supervisors.


Claudia Greiner

Claudia is the Miss Sunshine of the Schwaneberg Laboratory, she would always welcome us with a warm smile and an enthusiastic “good morning”. Whenever we needed someone to help us with the troubleshooting, Claudia would be the first person we ask. In the rare cases in which she could not help us, she knows who to ask next.
We are very grateful for her support!

Dr. Christoph Gertler

Christoph, one of the post-docs in the Schwaneberg Lab, was our second and also very helpful advisor. He gave us many important tips throughout the course of our project, especially regarding the work in the Schwaneberg Lab, and used his extensive network to bring us into contact with experts of all fields.
We are very thankful that he took the time to support us!

Dr. Sandra Schulte

Sandra, who is currently a postdoc at the Institute for Applied Microbiology, is one of our advisors. She always had an open ear for our problems even if they were simple. She provided us with desired materials like plasmids or antibiotics.
We are very thankful that she took the time to support us!

Dr. Marco Grull

Marco is one of the postdocs at the Schwaneberg Lab. He helped us planning our experiments for the Knockouts and also the Knockins. He gave us important protocols and showed us possible source of errors when problems occurred.
We are very grateful for his support!