Throughout the competition, our team conducted a detailed division of labor, the specific division of labor can be found on this page. At the same time,we are grateful to all those who have helped us in all aspects over the past year.


  • Bing Gao:Team leader、 Participate in the verification experiment、The production of the wiki website, Parts upload presetion spreaker

  • Zhongyu Li:Participated in part of experiments, made wikis and made models

  • Shiyu Wang:Preliminarily verify the function of the operon 、 Interlab experiment and Making of wikis

  • Dan Zhou: Part of the validation experiment、Making of wikis and Uploading the parts

  • Advisors

              Bo Ling

           Weichen Zhao

             Shuaiqi Meng

    Lab support

    Bo ling is a fourth-year undergraduate student in our lab.She provided a lot of ideas for our experiments.

    Difficult technique support

    Shuaiqi Meng is a graduate student in our lab.He provided a lot of technical support for our experiments.

    Model support

    Weichen Zhao is a graduate student in our lab.She helped us build physical models for our parts.

    Last but not the least

    Thanks and acknowledgements for all other people involved in our competition.