Safety is important in any synthetic biology study.[1]

Our team also pays great attention to safety in the design of the experiment and daily research.

About Our Chassis

Our project uses E. coli TOP 10 strain as the major chassis to express our plasmid . E. coli TOP10 strain, suitable for efficient DNA cloning and plasmid amplification, can ensure stable inheritance of high copy plasmids .

Our chassis applies to biosafety level Ⅰin US Centers for Disease Control Laboratory Biosafety Level Standard . Thus , It will not cause any disease or other risks to humans or the environment .

About Our Plasmid

The GntR family is a class of genes with potential transcriptional regulatory functions located in the genome of a cell. Many members of the GntR family have been shown to play an important role in the survival of various strains such as Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis under various stressful conditions.

We looked up data in genebank and entrusted company to synthesize our base sequence .Then we get our final plasmid by connectting the base sequence to the pBbE8a-RFP backbone.

Safe Lab Work

a.Systematic laboratory safety training:We can only enter the laboratory for research after training.
b.Standard operating procedure:All operations in the laboratory are standardized.
c.Mature laboratory management solution:All instruments need to be registered to avoid affecting the next measurement result.
d.Safe waste disposal:All waste products need to be disinfected before disposal.


[1]Xiao Liu,Hongling Tang.Synthetic biology and its safety supervision[J].Life chemistry,2012,32(06):580-584.