BUCT-China is the IGEM team from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. It consists of two teachers and four undergraduates. Associate Professor Liu Wei was the leader and Teacher Nie Kaili was the team's instructor. Undergraduates are Gao Bing, Wang Shiyu, Zhou Dan and Li Zhongyu. This is the first time that Beijing University of Chemical Technology has officially participated in the IGEM competition by the college team. Therefore, we are honored. We have invested in the IGEM competition with full spirit, actively exploring and working hard. This is our BUCT-China team, a positive team.

    Professor in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, engaged in research in the field of protein and other biology, published many papers, and rich research work. Many important guidance was given to the team's experiments by professer nie .

    Luo liu--the leader of our team: After graduating from Wuhan University, he went to Germany for further studies and obtained a master's degree and a doctorate from the University of Stuttgart, Germany. He is currently an associate professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Mainly engaged in molecular biology, biosensors, enzymology, metabolic engineering and cell plant construction, through the characterization of new enzymes and the construction of new metabolic pathways, biorefinery of renewable biomass resources, published many SCI academic papers. Hosted two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and one of the 863 projects. The research direction mainly includes: rational transformation of wild strains and natural enzymes, directed evolution and establishment of catalytic processes; green biosynthesis of important chemicals and intermediates. The general direction of the team is grasped by Professor Liu.

    Hi, everybody! I am a Bing Gao. I am studying bioengineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. I really like the work during our project. As a team leader, I am honored, but at the same time I have more responsibilities. The best part I like to spend time is the work of the lab. In iGEM, I can find opportunities to develop our ideas and become part of science. I learned a lot through our ongoing process, and now I have a better understanding of synthetic biology. I think iGEM is the perfect way to improve my knowledge. We are working hard to do our best for our projects. I like iGEM.

    Hello,everyone ! I'm Shiyu Wang form the team BUCT-China . I am major in bioengineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology . I like biotechnology when I was a child . So when I entered college, I chose bioengineering as my profession . And , The reason why I choose to be a IGEMer is I am interested in synthetic biology . I really enjoy the life of discussion and experimentation in the lab . Teamwork is interesting and the stage of participating in IGEM is an experience that will make me unforgettable.

    Hello friends from all over the world! I am Li Zhongyu, (^O^), one of the members of the buct team. I am currently studying bioengineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. I chose this major because I like science and like to experiment. (=^_^=), I want to explore the wonders of genes, the diversity of proteins, the magic of life. I hope that in the future I will be able to develop something to promote the development of medicine and become a shining point in the scientific research road.

    Hello everyone! I am Zhou Dan, one of the members of the buct team. I am currently studying Bioengineering at Beijing University of Chemical Technology.I think science is really cool ,and I love it .As a student ,taking part in iGEM is a good experience for me to get more close to science and what's more ,I have made more frenids from it .All in all,iGEM is wonderful and help me a lot. I love travel, so I am looking forward to our iGEM trip in Boston.