Team:British Columbia/Deliverables

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We are proud to represent UBC and to present our findings at the 2018 iGEM Giant Jamboree. Validated some Biobricks, check out our parts here! We integrated advice from each interview into our project development, public education, and community engagement. You can check out our work here!
We completed all required deliverables. Please come by and talk to us at our poster at the 2018 Giant Jamboree. We collaborated with University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Washington, check out our collaboration here! A model was developed to understand the dynamics of a co-culture of DH5a and BL21 E. coli strains engineered for kaempferol production. You can see our work here!
This is our Wiki, please take a while and look around. Here's a link to everyone that made this possible here! We interviewed experts to determine how we could improve our project and worked to alter public perception of genetic engineering. here!
We participated in the Interlab study, check out our results here!