Protein Design:

The design of the protein and biobricks used were created by the CU-Boulder iGEM team. The team researched what parts would be optimal for what we wanted to accomplish. After we decided exactly what pieces we need, we used PDB(Protein Database) as a source for finding those pieces.


After we designed our DNA it was created by IDT. Our DNA was also sequenced by IDT.


Thanks to the Detweiler and Su labs here at CU Boulder allowed us to use their equipment and to Nate Gomes for teaching us how to use the plate reader.


Thanks to Daniel Barsky for helping with the setup and calculations of the protein simulations.


Overall thanks to Brian Dedecker for mentoring us and running our lab. Brian gave us the inspiration for this project and guided our design and experiments.

CU-Boulder iGEM 2018 Sponsors: