iGem Groningen 2018

“You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” (Chinese proverb)

We, the University of Groningen iGEM team, were responsible for almost all aspects of StyGreen. From coming up with the concept, running a fully-functioning interdisciplinary team, finding supporters to finance our quest and executing, designing and running the wet- and dry lab work to name some. However, these past 6 months we have aimed to push ourselves beyond our personal limits. This page is dedicated to all those who helped us along the way. We want to thank you for your time, knowledge, patience, support and for believing in us!

  • PI's
      prof. dr. J. Kok
      prof. dr. D.J. Schefferss
  • Instructors
      dr. A. Milias Argeitis
      Linda Dijkshoorn
      Agnieszka Wegrzyn
      dr. Sergey Lunev
  • General Support
      Lisbeth Ravnkilde Kjolbye: for providing us with many contacts to get our project off the ground
      Thanks to Matthijs’ personnel pass for free coffee
      Sonja Billerbeck: advice about the iGEM competition in general
      Siger Holsappel: general support in logistics
      Ger Telkamp: for providing us with lab-equipment from the practicum pool
      Manon Dusseljee: for financial administrative support
      Hannah Dosenko: for taking our photos and group picture
      Winand Slingenbergh and Fablab Groningen: for helping us with our 3D print designs
      Martijn Mensink: for support and help with the wiki
      Erwin Nieuwlaar: for help designing the wiki
      Freya Liemburg: for help with the final presentation in Boston
      Gerwin Veenstra: for help designing the poster
  • Fundraising help and advice
      Chienes Metus: For aiding us in our financial planning and taking care of all of our bills
      Mareike Schmidt: For giving advice on organizing our fundraising barbecue
      Derk Bosker: For guidance in the crowd-funding page
  • Lab Support
      Tau Jang: for providing us with A. Thaliana for extracting the PAL2 and general lab advice
      Jeroen Nijland: for guiding us with CRISPR-Cas9 and providing us with an extra lab and protocols and giving access to HPLC system
      prof. dr. A.J.M. Driessen: for advice about the use of CRISPR-Cas9 and evolution experiments in our project and lab access
      dr. J.A.K.W. Kiel: for helping us setting up our lab and providing us with cellulose
      dr. W.C. Szymanski: for advice about phosphorylation of cellulose and for allowing us to use space and materials in their laboratory
      prof. dr. D.J. Slotboom: for providing us with access to a plate reader for the Interlab study
      dr. A.S. Iyerdr.: for help in the Interlab plate-reader experiments and supply of lab materials and performing EGII Western blot
      Hemant Kumar: for guidance in the cellulase activity assays & advise how to improve the HPLC protocol for the Bordeaux collaboration
      Alisa Garaeva: for providing us with a plasmid for our collaboration with iGEM Leiden
      Amanda van Tilburg: for delivery of primers and donation of BL21(DE3) strain
      Buu Minh Tran: for providing us with a plasmid for our collaboration with iGEM Leiden
      Vakhil Takhaveev: for being so kind to already transform these plasmids in E. coli for us
      Jakob Viel: for helping us find -80 freezer space, and locating some chemicals
      Marisya Majsnerowska: for providing us with materials to visualise our His-tagged proteins on Western blots
      Andre Boltjes: for feedback on the styrene extraction protocol
      Ruben Maaskant: for helping with the GC-MS and GC-FID methods
      Arjen Krikken: for providing strains, plasmids, and some restriction enzymes
      Huala Wu: for providing YPD Zeocin plates
      Anna Lauxen: for instructions on the Tecan Geneos platereader
      Niels de Kok: for providing us with E. coli DH5a and BL21 (DE3)
      Marten Exterkate: for cloning advice and helping with EGII purification
      László Mózsik: for providing a kanamycin stock and general lab advice
      dr. C.P. Williams: for providing general tips and zeocin
      Jhonatan Hernandez-Valdes: for instructions on the Thermo-Scientific Varioskan LUX platereader
      Luiza Morawska: for instructions on the Olympus DeltaVision fluorescence microscope
      dr. J. Kemmink: for helping us with phosphorus NMR
      Gecco biotech: for providing lab supplies for the cellulase activity assay
  • Lab design Support
      prof. dr. B. Poolman: for giving us advice on how to export styrene from the cell
      Jan Willem Meints: for helping us develop a HPLC quantification method for styrene
      prof. dr. ir. M.W. Fraaije: for advice about a cellulase-activity assay
      prof. dr. D.B. Janssen: For advice on experimental design of the enzymatic cascade
  • Personal development and coaching
      Edwin Poorte: for organizing the TRIZ workshop
  • (Integrated) Human Practices and Public Engagement Support
      drs. C.M. Ree: for giving us tips on who to contact
      Tjerk Douwma: for helping us doing carbon footprint analysis (Life Cycle Analysis)
      prof. dr. K.U. Loos: for advice on biodegradable plastics
      prof. dr. F. Picchioni: for advise on what plastic to go for
      Martin van Dord: for advice about plastics and rubbers (NRK)
      Pieter Imhof: for advice about the production of biochemicals (BioBTX)
      Machiel van Steenis (Program manager Innovative Biomass Applications): for advice about the application of biomass-based technologies
      prof. dr. GJW Euverink: for advice about the use of sewage material as a source of our cellulose and technical improvements for our yeast strain
      Frans Timmermans: for helping us extrapolate our project to alternative biomass sources (algae as cellulose source)
      Andre Fay: for sharing his expertise in the field of biomass
      Korienke Smit and Niek Savelkoul: for coaching us about integrated human practices (RIVM)
      ScienceLinx: for helping us with education and public engagement
      Scholierenacademie: for giving us the opportunity to educate primary school students about … Jens knows this
      Paddepoel: for giving us a stage for our outreach event to educate the general population on science and our project in general
      dr. ing. G. Buist: for supplying us with materials for our outreach event in Paddepoel
      Jeroen Tieleman (Bioclear Earth): for giving us tips on the resource of biomass
  • Outreach and Social Media
      Daniel Oostenbrink: for helping us fine-tune our animation’s script
      Joris-Jan Coenraads: for lending us his microphone to record our animation
  • Drylab Support
      Agnieszka Wegrzyn: for general modelling advice and advice on flux based modelling
      prof. dr. M. Heinemann: for giving us advice on modelling our project using Flux balance Analysis
      prof. dr. S.J. Marrink: for discussing modelling approaches with us
      dr. P.W.J.M. Frederix: for giving us a group workshop on Molecular Dynamics
      dr. P.C. Telles de Souza: for helping to setup the cellulose binding molecular dynamics model
      dr. H.J. Wijma: for his support in deriving equations and debugging with the stochastic model
      Prof. dr. Costas D. Maranas: for helping with OptForce
      Lin Wang: for helping with OptForce