iGem Groningen 2018


This year our team consists of 12 enthusiastic students from different fields in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Our different backgrounds make for different views which helped us advance our project. Besides aiming to get the best possible outcomes for our project, which you can read more about here, we spent time to go from just strangers working together on a project to a fun team of friends, as a big part of iGEM is about working as a team. To create the best possible atmosphere with our group we had weekly dinners together and organised fun activities to do together. As a team we participated in some great iGEM related events, including the European meet-up in Munich, the Hackathon in Vilnius and a trip to our friends in Bordeaux!

Rianne Prins

MSc Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation

Currently, I am in the final year of the research master Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation and about to finish the last course. After that, I will become a busy iGEM-labrat for the summer! The practical and theoretical experience I obtained during my various internships will hopefully help to make our project an all-time success story.

Jens Schepers

MSc Ecology and Evolution

Currently, I am in the final weeks of my master Ecology and Evolution during which I followed the ‘Science, Business & Policy’ track. Before I will start my working life (eventually) after this summer, I will be busy for the iGEM team of Groningen this year. The reason I joined this team is, besides that fact it looks good on your resume ofcourse, that I get to team up with a bunch of super smart, ambitious people that combine a whole lot of different expertises.

Matthijs Tadema

MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

I am passionate about studying the molecular processes that together make up all life. Recently I have gained a new passion in the form of molecular dynamics, and i have contributed a lot to the project in this field. I believe the tangible nature of molecular dynamics simulations speak to the imagination and really make understanding of molecular processes intuitive.

Benno Diekmann

MSc Pharmacy

I joined iGEM to make more experience in science and because it’s awesome. I find the multidisciplinary approach and the fact that we have to make the plans and find the funding for our research ourselves to be very appealing and a great learning experience.

Bram Wiggers

MSc Artificial Intelligence

This is the first year of my Master Artificial Intelligence, a study that really challenges me. This year we will put more focus on the new technical possibilities that AI can bring to bioengineering.

Noa Leijdesdorff

BSc Biomedical Engineering

Being part of the iGem team has allowed me to combine my love for innovation with working in an interdisciplinary group of ambitious people all working towards the same awesome goal: taking one giant step towards a more sustainable bio-based economy.

Matthijs Pals

BSc Artificial Intelligence & BSc Biomedical Engineering

I joined iGEM hoping to be able to apply this combined knowledge in the programming and modelling tasks. Besides that I’m also doing some work on the outreach part since I am somewhat able with Photoshop, even though I still feel more comfortable with a non-digital brush.

Phillip Yesley

BSc Chemistry

Hey there, I’m Phillip ! I joined IGEM because it sounded like a lot of fun and I was interested in learning more about Biotechnology. My biggest contribution to our project was my work on the Mathematical Modelling. I also assisted with lab work, by helping complete the interlab project and other dirty tasks. Furthermore, I tried my hand at a multitude of other small challenges an iGEM project sets. Cold-calling Midwestern Styrene producers for sponsorship stands out the most. I’m currently finishing my Bachelor in chemistry and love to read in my spare time.

Jan Marten Wielenga

MSc Biomedical Sciences

I signed up for iGEM because I enjoy exploring the possibilities of biotechnology, especially when we can choose our own project and work with a little less supervision.

Jacques Hille

MSc Chemistry

The iGEM project intrigues me because of various reasons. During my study I got experienced in fields such as biochemistry and organic chemistry, and I am curious to get a taste of biotechnology.

Ingeborg Frentz

MSc Biomedical Sciences

I joined the iGEM team because I wanted to be able to work on a project from start to finish and the field of biotechnology is really interesting. The multidisciplinary team makes for great discussions during meetings and it will hopefully make our project better!

Owen Terpstra

MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

While I study biology, I like science and philosophy in general and am looking to end up in the more chemical side of biology. Besides these geeky interests, I also dance salsa and like acting, at the moment mostly improv comedy.