iGem Groningen 2018

Boston Meetup: Collaboration with the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Boston

To increase cross-border collaboration and impact of our research we collaborated with the Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and organized a Meetup in Boston. Their innovation attaché Mr. Walter de Wit represents the Holland Innovation Network. The HIN stimulates international cooperation between companies, knowledge institutes and governments in the fields of innovation, technology and science. Together, we are organizing a “borrel” (basically a great excuse to network and drink beer) at the consulate during the Giant Jamboree to present our research to interested parties. To further increase cross-border collaboration we invited delegations of the other Dutch teams to elevator pitch their research as well. This Meetup is an incredible opportunity and we’re very excited and humbled to organize this event on the 25th of October at the Netherlands Honorary Consulate in Boston

Eventbrite invitation of our Meetup in Boston.