iGem Groningen 2018


A fruitful innovation highly depends on public approval in order to be successful. We believe it is equally important to engage the general public in our project as it is to engage corporate and governmental funds and sponsors. In order to realize this ambition we initiated a crowdfunding campaign. Our project was accepted to crowdfund through Unilever’s CEO (and RUG alumni!) Paul Polman’s Ubbo Emmius Fund. 89 supporters supported our project totaling 2378 euros. We are blown away by the enormous support we have received. It is massively valuable to have our idea validated by the general public and to see that there are so many people enthusiastic and willing to invest in our research project to realize our joint ambition.

As part of our extensive crowdfunding campaign we set out to educate and excite young and old, girls and boys and all backgrounds on the joys of science and synthetic biology. See our many endeavors here

To thank our crowdfund supporters for their generous support we combined our creative and technical skills and used biobased filament to 3D print durable project related tokens including LEGO bricks and our mascotte Styrene Steve.