Team:KAIT JAPAN/Collaborations


Reagent support intermediation from promega to all 5 undergraduate iGEM Team in Japan (Ordering reagents and presentation representation)

Continuing from last year, We collect orders from each university and for those university who cannot attend to the presentation for the support of the reagent, we presented on behalf of them. And after we received the reagents from Promega, we sort it out and distribute to the correspondent iGEM Team.

Description for iGEM East Japan Meetup 2018

We participated in Description for iGEM East Japan Meetup 2018 which was held at Tokyo-Tech in August 8. We announced a model presentation in this meetup. After presentation, we talked about advance a products and medal conditions, way of the presentation and so on. This meetup was the important chance to know other teams.

A group pictureMeetup in session

Discussion with Bielefeld university about dealuse

In September 25, we discussed with Bielfeld University using Skype. Bielfeld University’s subject of Human Plactice is dealuse and our subject is education. We argued how much people recognized a problem about dealuse. And more, We taught by quoting the results of Bielfeld university's efforts because we waited an explanatory meeting to a high school student was cut down on September 30. This discussion was the important chance to improve the contents our session.

Students who is in Bielfeld University