Team:KAIT JAPAN/InterLab



This page shows KAIT_JAPAN's contribution to the Fifth International InterLaboratory Measurement Study the fifth Interlab.
There are two goals of fifth Interlab:
1. Reducing lab-to-lab variability in fluorescence measurements by normalizing to absolute cell count or colony-forming units (CFUs) instead of OD using two orthogonal approaches.
2. Converting between absorbance of cells to absorbance of a known concentration of beads and CFUs from the sample.


We followed the protocol given.


Calibration 1: OD 600 Reference point

Table 1. Absorbance 600 nm of LUDOX-S40 and H₂O

Calibration 1

Calibration 2: Particle Standard Curve

Calibration 1

Fig 1. Particle Standard Curve

Calibration 1

Fig 2. Particle Standard Curve(log scale)

Calibration 3: Fluorescence standard curve

Calibration 1

Fig 3. Fluorescein Standard Curve

Calibration 1

Fig 4. Fluorescein Standard Curve (log scale)

Cell measurement

Table 2. Fluorescence Raw Readings

Calibration 1

Table 3. Abs600 Raw Readings

Calibration 1