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Human Practices


 One of the important aspects of synthetic biology is to think about how that technology is useful in society. In order to make use of the technology of synthetic biology in a wide range of societies, we thought that it is indispensable to have fundamental understandings from sociologists, executives and other sectors in completely different fields, besides scientists. Our approach to human practice is to know the current situation of people trying to learn something related to biology from now on and to do classes based on that feedback and to those who did not take classes It was to do consciousness reform that intends to teach interest and basic knowledge to.

There are three targets set up to achieve this goal.

  • 1. To know the image and awareness of current genetic modification.
  • 2. Check the validity of the questionnaire result.
  • 3. Confirm changes in consciousness by feedbacking questionnaires and exchanges with other universities to the class.

Humanplactice for Silver

Last year, in a questionnaire targeting a broad age from 10 to 70 years, Japanese were statistically showing resistance to genetic modification. However, this year, it was found that the questionnaire which was conducted for high school students and people around 20 years old in university, and resistance to genetic modification are low.

With the reduction of research expenses, as the voice of the educational environment at Japanese universities is getting worse, it is extremely dangerous for people who use these technologies to look only to the convenience in the future We planned a lecture by focusing on ideas and targeting young people such as high school students.

On September 4th and 5th, we also participated in an international symposium on science and technology and education. As a result of discussion within the team, we thought we needed to know the relationship between genetic engineering technology and military diversion problem.