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Safety seminar All of our teams took a safety seminar, we got to the experiment after understanding the laws such as the danger of equipment and reagents, containment, Cartagena treaty and so on. Lab safety level P1 corresponds to ordinary microbiology laboratory, and it meets the following conditions. ・Windows and doors are closed during the experiment. ・An effective sterilization facility is provided in the laboratory for microorganisms. Safety clothing In the bench area you need to wear lab coat, goggles and other things to protect yourself. Contamination We divided the work space into two to avoid contamination. One is wet lab beach and the other is dry desk space. We also carried out disinfection work before leaving the laboratory to prevent pollution of the external environment. In addition, we avoided oral suction of toxic substances and deleterious substances, and also prohibited eating and drinking to avoid contamination from eating spill etc. Disposal We learned autoclave procedure and disposal procedure by safety training and guidance of PI. Dealing with emergency situations I checked the method of emergency measures learned in the safety course, the location of the emergency shower and eyewash, and the operation procedure. Transportation We mediated reagent support of Japanese team. At that time, I learned laws and means concerning reagent transportation. This became an important opportunity to learn about showing the transparency of research. Laboratory Safety in KAIT_JAPAN Lab safety level We usually do our experiment at P1 laboratory. Apparatus In order to minimize the use of UV lamp, we used Dye which can be detected by LED during gel cutting. Fungus used DH 5a, JM 109, Yeast which we used are said to not cause health hazard to the human body. Experimental method detailed experimental operation is as follows.