Team:KUAS Korea/InterLab



Over the past few years, the iGEM measurement committee has been developing a reliable and repeatable measurement for green fluorescent protein(GFP). As one of the iGEM teams, KUAS Korea was happy to join this study to reduce lab-to-lab variability in fluorescence measurements. We first made three sets of unit calibration measurements: OD600 reference point, a particle standard curve, and a fluorescence standard curve. We used the same samples, volumes, and settings to make sure the calibration is valid. After completion of the calibration, we used E. coli DH5α to proceed cell measurement protocol. Most of the measurement process was successful and our data and forms were complete and have been accepted by the iGEM measurement committee.

Experience with the Interlab

It was an honorable experience to be part of iGEM interlab study. Our team understands the need for the unit standardization to produce more precise quantitative measurements in biological research. We hope our data will support the progress of synthetic biology. Our team has faced a few technical difficulties during the procedure. For such inquiries, we asked our instructors for the help. Although we haven’t had any sophisticated issues with the protocols, the whole team thoroughly discussed the goal and protocols of interlab study.