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We are team KUAS_Korea, Korea University Association of Synthetic Biology. Our team has been annually participating in iGEM since 2009. This year we proudly present its team of 9 undergraduate students that are all from different backgrounds, but all with passion and interest. In our hard work with two enthusiastic supporters; one instructor and one professor, we successfully take part in iGEM 2018.


Bosun Ryu

Wet Lab Leader

Bosun Ryu is a junior majoring in environmental science and ecological engineering. It is his first year to attend iGEM, so he is excited to be part of the team. Arsenal is his favorite football club, but this does not mean that KUAS iGEM team is going to win the fourth place. (We always go for the trophies.) He wants to remind you that his favorite number is not "4".

Uijin Han

Dry Lab Leader

Uijin is this year's Dry-lab leader of KUAS_Korea! She is committed to the development of computer simulation of the project. Her primary interest lies in the communication of science and society and the role of scientists as major actors of the international society. She hopes that their work can make a small step ahead towards a better world!

Eunmin Kim

Human Practices Leader

Hello, I'm Eunmin Kim and this is my second time attending the iGEM 2018. This year I'm participating as a Human Practice team leader. It's a great opportunity to once again start a new project and take a part in the problem-solving process. I hope our efforts turn out to be beneficial to the society. Blessings to you all iGEMers.

Youngeun Choi

Wet Lab

Hi all, I’m Youngeun Choi. Since last year I’ve been taking part of iGEM. Last year I worked as a member of human practice, and this year I worked as part of wet lab. I was in charge of most experiments. Even though I don’t go to Boston this year, I hope my friends fully enjoy the Jamboree and make fruitful experiences.

Jungwon Choi

Dry Lab

I'm Jungwon Choi, participating in dry lab of KUAS. I'm majoring in biotechnology. It's my first year to take part in iGEM and I'm glad to join Jamboree this year. See you in Jamboree!

Taehoon Lee

Dry Lab

Hello! My name is Lee Tae Hoon. I major in environmental science and double major in computer science. I’m in Dry lab. And I’m so excited to join giant jamboree.

Youngwoo Choi

Human Practice

Hello. I’m Youngwoo Choi. I am a sophomore majoring in biotechnology, and a member of the human practices team in KUAS. My interest lies in immunology, and hope to rid the world of suffering. Since this is my first year in the iGEM competition, I’m looking forward to learning a lot and meeting fellow iGEMers. Hope to see you in the Jamboree!

Tehyun Eom

Human Practices

Hello! My name is Tehyun Eom. I major in life science and work as a Human Practice member in my team. Since this is my first year attending igem, I am really looking forward to seeing other team's project and learn a lot about synthetic biology. See you at igem!

Hyunkyu Han

Wet Lab

Hello, I’m Hyeon-gyu Han. I’m freshman in Korea University, majoring biotechnology. This is my first time to attend iGEM competition and I even joined the KUAS Korea team in July this year. I hope and I will learn a lot about synthetic biology by participating in this activity.

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