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General Support

  • Dr. Hans-Joachim Wieden for administrative, project, and wet lab support as a Primary Investigator
  • Dr. Trushar Patel for administrative, project, and wet lab support as a Secondary Investigator
  • Dr. Angeliki Pantazi for her administrative support and work through the Collegiate and High School iGEM team as well as her efforts in teaching the Synthetic Biology class connected to the collegiate iGEM team.
  • Fan Mo for her wet lab support and for consumable orders
  • Emily Wilton for her work on the RNA day booth
  • Luc Roberts for providing wet lab instruction for the synthetic biology class connected to the collegiate iGEM team
  • Dr. Laura Keffer-Wilkes for her work with the High School iGEM team and on setting up the Whoop Up Days Innovation booth
  • The Alberta RNA Research and Training Institute (ARRTI) for their guidance and support of team members.

Facilities and Wet-Lab Support

  • Laboratory Space: Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, Wieden lab, Patel lab, Demeler lab, Synbridge, McNaughton Lab
  • Meeting Space: AGILITY Idea Shop
  • Dr. Borries Demeler and Amy Henrickson for analytical ultracentrifugation support
  • Wiedenheft lab from Montana State University for supplying us with the plasmids for our collaboration with the University of Calgary iGEM team
  • Doug Bray for transmission electron microscopy support
  • Harland Brandon for ultracentrifugation support
  • Fan Mo for ultracentrifugation and mass spectrometry support
  • Taylor Sheahan and Josh Friesen for continuation of Next vivo
  • Tyler Mrozowich for size exclusion chromatography support
  • Dr. Justin Pahara for cloning advice and support


  • Brigitte Cadieux, Jennifer Mihowich, Melanie Sabourin; Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Ryan Dyck; Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
  • Shannon Frank; Oldman Watershed Council
  • Sweta Gupta; Pharmacist
  • Nicole Kimmel; Alberta Environment and Parks
  • Dr. Vanessa Meier-Stephenson; University of Lethbridge and University of Calgary
  • Dr. Justin Pahara; Amino BioLabs
  • Dr. Athanasios Zovoilis; University of Lethbridge


  • Lethbridge High School iGEM Team
  • University of Calgary

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

IDT BioBasic

Bronze Sponsors

GoFundMe Synbridge Geneious

Team Attributions


  • Aubrey Demchuk: University of Calgary
  • Sydnee Calhoun: Lethbridge High School iGEM, University of Calgary
  • Chris Isaac: Lethbridge High School iGEM
  • Luke Saville: Lethbridge High School iGEM
  • Zak Stinson: University of Calgary
  • Kristi Turton: Lethbridge High School iGEM, University of Calgary

Construct Design

  • Aubrey Demchuk: Arc (full-length and minimal)
  • Catrione Lee: MS2-anionic, P22-His, FitD
  • Kristi Turton: GFP-anionic and MS2-anionic


  • Sydnee Calhoun: QIP proposal and presentation content, GoFundMe management, Cor Van Raay proposal, geekStarter proposal, general funding
  • Maya DeGrood: car wash
  • Aubrey Demchuk: geekStarter proposal
  • Catrione Lee: QIP content & presentation, general funding, Car wash, geekStarter proposal
  • Luke Saville: QIP proposal, presentation content, and presentation, Cor Van Raay Proposal, Car Wash
  • Zak Stinson: geekStarter proposal
  • Kristi Turton: QIP proposal, Cor Van Raay proposal, Car wash

Human Practices

  • Sydnee Calhoun: Regulations research, risk assessment rubric
  • Catrione Lee: Environmental counter-measures, zebra mussel application
  • Luke Saville: Regulations research, environmental counter-measures, liability in iGEM
  • Kristi Turton: User group research and emails


  • Sydnee Calhoun: Public Health Agency of Canada, Alberta Parks, Oldman Watershed Council, Wal-Mart Pharmacy, Dr. Vanessa Meier-Stephenson, Amino Bio Labs
  • Catrione Lee: Agriculture Agri-Food Canada, Amino Bio Labs
  • Luke Saville: Dr. Athanasios Zovoilis, Amino Bio Labs
  • Kristi Turton: Agriculture Agri-food Canada, Amino Bio Labs

Miscellaneous (Media, Design, Administration)

  • Sydnee Calhoun: Event registrations, meeting minutes
  • Catrione Lee: Meeting minutes
  • Zak Stinson: Team constitution and member agreement
  • Kristi Turton: Meeting minutes, Team Facilitator
  • Reanna Takeyasu: VINCEnT design and animation


  • Aubrey Demchuk: Sequence homology analysis, structural models


  • Sydnee Calhoun: RiboWest - editing, Chinook Sympsoium - editing, iGEM Jamboree - content and editing
  • Maya DeGrood: Ribowest - content & editing
  • Aubrey Demchuk: RiboWest poster - content and editing, Chinook Symposium - content and editing, iGEM Jamboree - content and editing
  • Chris Isaac: Formatting
  • Catrione Lee: RiboWest- content & editing; Chinook Symposium-content & editing; iGEM Jamboree - content and editing
  • Luke Saville: Chinook Symposium - content and editing, iGEM Jamboree - content and editing
  • Zak Stinson: RiboWest - content and editing, iGEM Jamboree - editing
  • Kristi Turton: Editing for Ribowest and Chinook poster, iGEM Jamboree - content and editing

  • Presenters: Sydnee Calhoun, Catrione Lee, Luke Saville, Kristi Turton


  • Sydnee Calhoun: Content, figures
  • Maya DeGrood: organization, flow
  • Aubrey Demchuk: Content, organization, figures
  • Chris Isaac: Theme, organization
  • Catrione Lee: Figures
  • Luke Saville: Content, figures
  • Jessica Semmelrock: Organization
  • Zak Stinson: Content, organization
  • Reanna Takeyasu: VINCEnT figures

  • Presenters: Sydnee Calhoun, Luke Saville

Public Engagement and Education

  • Sydnee Calhoun: RiboWest poster presentation, Chinook symposium presenters, aGEM presenter, aGEM presentation content, North American iGEM Meet Up slide content, North American iGEM Meet Up presenter, RNA Day, Whoop Up Days Innovation Booth
  • Aubrey Demchuk: Literature review
  • Catrione Lee: Chinook Symposium presenter
  • Luke Saville: Chinook Symposium presenter, aGEM presenter, aGEM presentation content, Whoop Up Days Innovation Booth
  • Kristi Turton: Whoop up days, North American iGEM meet up presenter and slide content


  • Chris Isaac: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, data structure
  • Luke Saville: Information content and planning
  • Zak Stinson: information content
  • Kristi Turton: information content

Wet Lab

  • Sydnee Calhoun: Arc Min and Arc Full purification, P22 purification, analytical ultracentrifugation preparations, mass spectrometry preparations
  • Aubrey Demchuk: TEM, in vitro RNA transcription, cloning, cell culture, InterLab study, experimental design
  • DJ Kim: Cloning
  • Catrione Lee: MS2-cell penetrating peptide & GFP-anionic cloning, analytical ultracentrifugation preparations
  • Luke Saville: Interlab study, cloning, amplification
  • Zak Stinson: cloning, cell culture, fluorescence microscopy
  • David Tobin: Cloning, protein overexpression
  • Reanna Takeyasu: Interlab study, cell culture, amplification, cloning, GFP-anionic
  • Kristi Turton: Cloning of all parts, Arc min, Arc, SP-Cas9, P22 expression and purification, mass spectrometry preparations, analytical ultracentrifugation preparations, transmission electron microscopy preparations, DNA submission, experimental design


  • Keith Aiken: Wiki design
  • Sydnee Calhoun: Human Practices, Public Engagement and Education, Collaboration, Main Page, Description, Results, Safety, figures
  • Maya DeGrood: Description
  • Aubrey Demchuk: Entrepreneurship, Model, Design, Results, Public Engagement, InterLab Study
  • Catrione Lee: Results, Human Practices, Product Design
  • Luke Saville: Project Description, Main Page, Human Practices, Design, Software, InterLab Study
  • Jessica Semmelrock: Main page, Description, Protocols
  • Zak Stinson: Collaboration, Demonstration
  • Reanna Takeyasu: VINCEnT designs and video
  • Kristi Turton: Parts Pages, Registry of Parts, Lab Book, Experiments, Design, Results