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All composite parts pages were created on the registry of standard biological parts and include capsid proteins, specific cargos and surface modifiers. All parts were designed with the same promoter (BBa_I712074), medium strength Ribosomal binding site (BBa_J61100) and double terminator (BBa_B0014). The basic parts that make up these parts can be found here.

Biobrick Number Part Name Construct Parts
BBa_K2683009 Arc minimal construct derived from HIV homology pT7-mRBS-Arc minimal-dT
BBa_K2683010 Truncated Scaffolding protein 141 from P22 fused with super folded GFP (SP141sfGFP) pT7-mRBS-SP141sfGFP-dT
BBa_K2683011 Green fluorescent protein (GFP) with anionic tag pT7-mRBS-GFPanionic tag-dT
BBa_K2683012 MS2 protein with polyarginine tag pT7-mRBS-MS2 with polyarginine tag-dT
BBa_K2683013 Arc protein pT7-mRBS-Arc-dT
BBa_K2683014 FitD pT7-mRBS-FitD-dT
BBa_K2683015 DecS134C pT7-mRBS-DecS134C-dT
BBa_K2683032 Scaffolding protein 141 from P22 fused with Cas9 (SPCas9) pT7-mRBS-SPCas9-dT
BBa_K2683031 P22 Capsid Protein pT7-mRBS-P22-dT