Team:METU HS Ankara/Achievements





  • We have had an amazing iGEM season, registered and attended to the Giant Jamboree.
  • We have completed our wiki, poster, presentation and judging form as a part of Competition Deliverables.
  • Further into Competition Deliverables, we have completed our Attributions page which you can check it out here.
  • To contribute to the database with our data, we have completed the InterLab Measurement Study and got it accepted. For more information on it, see our InterLab page here:
  • We have submitted our collection of BioBrick parts which are all central to our project, which you can read more of here:
  • All of our parts are RFC10 compatible. They are all designed by us, work as expected. Their experimental characterization is all documented clearly which you can see here: A sample of each part is submitted to the Registry, following all of its associated submission requirements.
  • We have collaborated with various 2018 iGEM Teams in a meaningful way. For more insight, visit our collaborations page.
  • Our project certainly is responsible and good for the world. We got inspired by our interactions with related authorities and our engagement with the public. For more on our Human Practices, see here:
  • With Integrated Human Practices, we’ve engaged with experts of the subject and developed our project based on the feedback we got. Also, this is specifically central to our project since some aspects of integrated human practices are connected to local legislation. To read more, click here:
  • Modelling of our project was studiously planned to better the understanding of everyone. You can find more detail of this in our modeling page:
  • To demonstrate our work, we have engineered a system which works under true-to-life conditions. Because of its size, we brought a scaled-down prototype of it. To learn more about our demonstration, please visit our prototype page: