Team:METU HS Ankara/Attributions




Each and every team member has shown tremendous effort for the contribution to our project despite the struggle of every iGEMmer. Also, throughout our iGEM experience, we have received help and support from many people including our teachers, instructors, some experts and sponsors. All work was carried out by student members of METU_HS_iGEM unless stated otherwise. Our principal investigator Tuğba İnanç, and secondary investigator Ceyhun Kayıhan supervised, helped and stood with us throughout the whole process.

Finally, we want to thank those who aided us financially. Thank you for putting your trust in us and for your generous donations.

Members’ Attributions

We’d like to utter our gratitude to Beliz Leyla Acar. In order to carry out her job as a worker of the drylab, she has spent days mastering the registry and wrote a guideline to help out her teammates. For the reason that she was a member of our team’s Human Practices group; including her teammate Gamze, together they have carried out the activities, events and attended meetings. They were also on the hunt for sponsors and talked to a lot of stakeholders and by doing research they have found a sponsor for designing our prototype. She, furthermore, supported her team by filling out the “Design” page with great care.

We’d like to thank Gamze Kantaş for her best efforts on being a Team leader, WetLab worker, DryLab worker, HP group member, Artist for our wiki drawings, and Interlab studier. As the team leader, she was involved in almost everything from wet lab to our paintings/drawings. She wrote down the meeting notes and lab notebook daily in order to keep track of everything and make sure we kept too. She was also the one to check the schedule and current situation regularly to make sure that everything would be done on time. Apart from her leader duties, she was involved in wet lab and dry lab, helped with using the registry and applying the protocols in lab environment. Together with Beliz, she searched sponsors, mailed and phoned them when necessary. In addition, she had a role in planning, organizing and carrying out human practices. To give her the credit, she was the one who drew and detailed thousands of mascots, logos, and project ideas until they were finally decided and transferred into digital environment.

We would like to thank Anıl Kutay Uçan for his efforts in Drylab, Wetlab, Interlab leadership and modeling along with HP help. He had a great contributions to our InterLab process as he was in charge of all of the protocols, reviewing the results and forming the excel sheet that was going to be sent to HQ. During our project for modelling, he visualized the results we got from the lab in order to compare them with the expected results. He analyzed and demonstrated our work. Furthermore, he helped writing the use of biology part of our parts. And, like all members he tried to construct some experiments on our teacher sight and helped in Human Practices.

We appreciate Mert Seçen for his endavour relating to our project; by his contributions in DryLab, Interlab, Product Design Leadership, HP help and last but not least; advisor of the Team Leader. As a member, he has done his part to put the project together.

We’d like to present our gratitude to Tunç Ünal for his hard works in the Wetlab and Drylab process. He was also involved in writing our project description; he helped our project form to what it is now, by doing research and had a responsibility in most of our HP works such as SEBİT workshop, DNA Day Event and DNA extraction as well as participating in the Interlab process by reviewing the protocols and doing serial dilution. He was also the one who filled out our iGEM Goes Green Emissions Calculator to see how much CO2 was released during the course of our experiments.

Laboratory, Technical and General Support

We would like to give a great special thanks to our supervisors:

Principal Investigator Tuğba İnanç for being there for us in every aspect of the project. She struggled even more than we did and turned out to be the “ligase” of the whole team. It is not enough to say how much we owe her. She gave us courses on synthetic biology and lab safety, helped us arrange our human practices by contacting so many people. She assisted us while coming up with the project idea and further developing it. She is the one who kept all this process going by providing the team a great support; without her this project wouldn’t come this far.

Secondary Investigator Associate Prof. Ceyhun Kayıhan, for his general support and advice on the project and the laboratory. He became a part of our team and helped our principal investigator with providing the answers for our never-ending questions. He also has undeniable contributions in planning our lab work and initiating them.

We give a huge special thanks to Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Avni Öktem for opening the doors of his lab to us. He provided us the laboratory, his wisdom and supervised us about the process of our project. We appreciate him for giving us his insight our project topic and encouraging us to study and achieve our goals.

Ph. D. Student Dilan Akın for her assistance and guidance in the laboratory. She helped us understanding the lab rules and protocols.

Research Assistant Evrim Elçin for assisting and helping us doing our lab work. She made sure we were following the protocols and the lab safety rules accurately. Furthermore, she guided us and spared us her precious time from her busy schedule whenever we needed help in our Interlab Measurements.

Prof. Dr. Musa Doğan for sharing his experiences which provided us a broader view of the difficulties we may face and how to overcome them. His advices helped us to succeed with our project in means of human practices and public engagement.

Project, HP Support, Fundraising Help and Advice

We thank Dr. Figen Ar, for guiding us by showing where to start with our Human Practices. She helped arranging our interviews with the General Director of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Renewable Energy General Directory Oğuz Can, Deputy President of the Green Energy Foundation Tülin Keskin and our trip to Konya Integrated Facility. Also, we appreciate her for giving presentations on the growing significance of the use of bioethanol as a biofuel in today’s world, and answering our questions about bioetanol in general. With her assistance, we once more realized how significant and helpful our project could be and studied even harder to actualise it.

We thank Dr. Emre Aksoy, for his presentation on soil, plants and crops. At the stage where we were trying to find a concept to follow, his presentation encouraged us to follow the way of crops.

We thank Minister Advisor Oğuz Can for supporting us politically in our attempts to increase blend bioethanol percentage from %3 to %10 through laws. He welcomed us in the Ministry of Energy and Natural sources and shared his insights.

We would like to utter our gratitude to Prof. Dr. Saffettin Ferda Mutlu for providing us with the furfural that he uses for his research. He showed us a great help when we had problems with our orders.

Also we would like to thank Çukurova Kimya for providing us with the furfural we needed for our experiments.

We would like to thank SEBİT for helping us arrange our first workshop in which we reached out to children and introduced them the field of life sciences.

We also very much like to thank Kuntay Aktas for printing our prototype in 3D format for free and delivering it in only a few days.

Wiki and Logo Support

We, as a whole team decided the concept on our wiki and our team member Gamze handled the figuration on paper. In actualising those paper sketches and providing ideas for differing concepts, graphic designer Nedim Eskinazi helped us immensely. He helped us with the design of our wiki and transferred our ideas into the digital world. Also, he helped us with shooting the videos on our YouTube channel and suggested the best fit possible for every single time.

Computer Support

We give special thanks to Hasan Karaaslan for sparing some time to teach us programming and coding by using Python. He showed the basics for computing and taught the steps over and over again whenever we made mistakes. We owe him for the patience he has shown and making our coding lessons enjoyable.