Team:Macquarie Australia/Attributions

Project and lab support

Dr Louise Brown

  • Organised and recruited the iGEM 2018 team at Macquarie. Handled our budgeting for the team, organised many sponsorship opportunities and steered us in the right direction during our project.

Professor Robert Willows

  • Designed all the individual parts for our project and assisted us in complex laboratory techniques. Was an invaluable resource for any knowledge we required on all things related to our project, gave assistance in the modelling of our project and came up with our human practices idea.

Dr Edward Moh

  • Provided supervision and advisement to the team in the lab. Also provided helpful motivation to complete our project, and answered any questions we had on laboratory techniques or scientific concepts.

Dr Paul Jaschke

  • Met with the human practices team to explain the framework to customer discovery and assisted in general support throughout our project.

Mike Gibbs

  • Ran the iGEM boot camp getting us on track for success and supervised lab work, answering any questions we had while providing emotional support during stressful periods in the lab.

Thi Huynh

  • Gave constant support and laboratory resources while supervising and giving up her time for our team. Without her guidance our project would have been impossible.

Dominic Logel

  • Helped to oversee our team to guide us to the finish line in Boston with his firsthand experience of the iGEM competition.

Mark Tran

  • One of our lab supervisors, he inducted the team during our bootcamp so we could work on our own.


Macquarie University

  • We would like to thank Macquarie University for giving us invaluable laboratory and teaching space for our project, as well as providing us with access to research funds and experienced staff members to assist in our work.

Bioplatforms Australia

  • We would like to thank Bioplatforms Australia, particularly Andrew Gilbert, for their generous contribution towards our project.

NSW Department of Industry

  • We would like to thank NSW Department of Industry for their contribution towards the funding of our project.


  • We would like to thank LabCyte for their generous donation towards the project.

New England Biolabs

  • We would like to thank New England Biolabs for their generous kit, cell, and enzymes.


  • We would like to thank IDT for their free 20kb of gBlocks.

General support

We would like to thank the many members of the scientific community that have given us guidance, feedback and advice through our human practices initiative. The troubleshooting suggestions offered by these people have also been integrated into our project to ensure it is a useful tool that can be successfully implemented to make a change in the world.

Special mentions must be given to Mr Anthony Gurlica, who gave us an insight into his role as a mediator between chemistry and biology and Dr Briardo Llorente, who helped us troubleshoot our project and offered valuable feedback. Special mentions must also be given to Dr Jenny Vo, who provided us with an industry perspective, A/Prof Anwar Sunna, who provided us with a list of valuable contacts to interview and Dr Brendan Orner, who provided constructive feedback which has been integrated into our human practices.