Team:Macquarie Australia/Team

Amanda Kindl

Founder of the 2018 instagram page, Amanda is a Medical Science student who has played a major role in the design aspect of our project, by creating our famous ‘ChIVes’ t- shirts and helping design our logo. She has been an integral support to the team all the way.

Angus Lawrie

Angus is our very own nanodrop expert and is well known for his plethora of bad dad jokes. Creator of the name, ‘ChIVes’, Angus has worked not only in the lab, but also working on the dry lab component. Angus had a major role in communicating science throughout our project for human practices and outreach. He has helped with human practices by organising and taking part in a variety of interviews both in person and over the phone.

Areti-Efremia Mellou

Areti is always there to laugh at our non-funny iGEM puns, and brightens up every room she enters. She’s been an integral part of our lab work, and is always there to help where needed. She’s had a major role in the parts registry for our team and also helped with the interlab study.

Ari Edmonds

For Ari, this is not his first time around the block. Ari was part of last year’s Macquarie University iGEM team, whose immense success left us with a hard act to follow. Ari is always very helpful in the lab, offering a large array of lab skills. He is a very science-driven student, who is a valuable asset to the team.

Hamish Manton

Hamish’s official title is ‘Director of Safe Lab Practices’. He’s always there to remind us to wear our lab coats and safety glasses, and to not explode the microwave. It’s no lie that his luscious beard is the main reason we like him. Hamish is a dedicated worker in the lab, and has also conducted interviews, and worked to discover a number of contacts within the industry.

Irene Simpson

Irene the lean, mean, queen. Her dry lab work, and communication with other scholars and iGEM teams has been essential to our human practices and human outreach. Whether it's tweeting, facebooking, emailing or skyping we can always count on Irene to keep things organised and moving forward.

Jarryd Vargas

Also formally known as ‘The Shirt Guy’, Jarryd is definitely the go to guy for any and all of our iGEM questions. He is a fun loving, walking encyclopedia, and we all love him for it. He spends all his morning, afternoons, evenings and late nights in the lab, playing a key role in our lab success.

Josip Mujic

Josip is a Science and Secondary education student, whose fashion sense is equally as awesome as his iGEM dedication. He has had a major role in modelling for our project and his photography skills can be seen in a variety of the photos on our wiki and social media. His positive attitude and the many hours he has devoted in the lab are qualities we love about him.

Karl Myers

The artistic maestro of our iGEM team, with a brilliant creative vision. Karl has had a major role in human practices by conducting several interviews and making connections with scientists. He also took part in the interlab study. Karl is studying a double degree of Law and Science, and he is not afraid to lay down the LAW!

Keshav (Ken) Curriman

Ken is a very quiet achiever but has managed to have a very loud role in our human practices project. He has emailed a multitude of academics, arranged interviews and taken part in many interviews, proving his importance to the team. He also contributed significantly to writing the project description.

Nicholas Solomon

He’s a poet and he doesn’t even know it! Nick has discovered an unquenchable linguistic gift that has given rise to our prized suite of poems, named the ‘Chlorofella Chronicles’. He has also used his skill with the iron and solder to fabricate a selection of fantastic models, including our DNA model. Nick has worked tirelessly in coding our wiki, conducting interviews and has helped out in the lab.

Renee Beale

Loves a good unbalanced centrifuge, and exploding microwaves. Renee has been a vital part of our interviewing process, spending hours preparing for and participating in interviews with members of the pharmaceutical field all around Sydney. She was also an active member of the interlab team. Renee has also been heavily involved in our fundraising efforts, and has spent many late nights researching and skyping.

Zoe Yiasemides

Zoe is currently studying a Bachelor of Science, and enjoys freezing agar plates, weird internet subcultures, as well as being a fanatical herpetologist. Zoe can always be found working hard in the lab, or using her breathtaking programming skills to create our iGEM website. Zoe loves a good snakey shaped graph in her modeling work.

Prof. Robert Willows

Prof. Robert Willows has provided the team with fundamental knowledge throughout iGEM. Through his extensive knowledge from chlorophyll to modelling, Rob has been vital in helping us shape our ideas into reality.

Dr. Louise Brown

Dr Louise Brown has been an integral part of Macquarie Australia iGEM team since its inception, in 2010. Dr Brown has provided strong guidance with our ideas throughout iGEM, and her support has been invaluable to the successes we’ve made in the project so far. Through Dr Brown’'s connections we have been able to get sponsorship support from various Biotech companies, giving us more flexibility as a team to achieve our goals

Thi Huynh:

Thi is a committed, valuable and well loved advisor to our team. Thi has taken on the role of training our team in the lab, and has helped us to locate and use the lab equipment. Her skills are invaluable and we wouldn’t be able to work on our project without her. With the IGEM 2018 end coming up, we hope that we didn’t cause her too much stress and we thank her for everything she has done for us!

Dr. Paul Jaschke

Dr. Paul Jaschke has helped out the team by providing constant support in the field of synthetic biology and providing the human practices team an overview of customer discovery. Paul has been an avid supporter of the Chlorofella Chronicles and our antics throughout the year, and we thank him for his continual support this year.

Dr Edward Moh

Dr Edward Moh has been a key driving force in this year's team. Ed’s constant drive and motivation for the team has helped us put our butts into gear. This year Ed has been an exceptional supporter from our logical to wacky ideas, and has helped advise us to get to where we are today. Thank you Ed for your pep talks and support throughout this year!

Dominic Logel

Dominic is PhD candidate working with style. He’s been a part of Macquarie’s iGEM team since 2013 when he was a member of the team, allowing guidance through the competition. Through his artistic insight and colour palette choices he has been an integral part in steering our wiki into the right direction. Dominic has been a key role in our interlab, helping our team through the fluorosphere.

Mike Gibbs

Mike Gibbs has been another great advisor to the Macquarie Australia iGEM team and has played a large role in the Macquarie iGEM team since 2013. Through his advice, training and love of crosswords, the team were able to learn the basics in synthetic biology and understand the previous achievements that have lead to iGEM today. Through the early days of bootcamp to lunch time team bonding, thank you Mike for passing on your insightful knowledge as well as enlightening us with your quirky facts.