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     Plant B is an intelligent farming system capable of preserving soil integrity while increasing crop growth – a desperately needed alternative in an age where unprecedented population growth is met with alarming degradation of soil. Our project integrates artificial intelligence in the supplementation of soil, achieving precision farming through pinpoint regulation of soil microbiota using bio-stimulators. Models constructed with machine learning are strengthened over time through connection to an IoTtalk platform, which allows constant calibration through feedback of data. The specificity of nature and the accuracy of machine meld together in a single product designed to revitalize agriculture through the power of synthetic biology.

What is “Bio-stimulators”?

     In the context of our system, bio-stimulators are anything that improve crop output or soil health while affecting soil bacteria, and can include fertilizers, bacteria and peptides. Our product explores the potential of novel, highly efficient bio-stimulators in the form of bacteriocins, which are small antimicrobial peptides naturally produced by bacteria themselves. Designed to inhibit nearby related strains to provide a competitive edge, bacteriocins are highly specific and degrade quickly, presenting little threat to the surrounding environment and any nearby organisms. Their high specificity and extreme efficiency make them perfect for the role as precision regulatory agents.

Product Design

     Plant B is designed for use on a real farm; NGS data is first collected from soil samples to define soil conditions. The use of bio-stimulators provides figures for constructing a microbial prediction model through machine learning, with subsequent applications providing data for self-learning through feedback. Accumulation of data helps the model adapt to the specific soil conditions, eventually achieving precise predictions of bio-stimulator effect on bacterial distribution and allowing for healthy fertilization. Finally, sensors connected to an IoTtalk platform allow for real-time monitoring of various soil conditions that determine optimal spacing of bio-stimulator application to achieve maximum soil efficiency with minimal labor. Plant B is an approachable and practical alternative, attaining both productivity and sustainability and paving the way to modern agriculture.