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     Welcome here! To begin with, please watch the video below to see how our smart farming system is applied in our farm and how it works.


     Through the dashboard of our IoTtalk platform, we can see every condition detected by the sensors immediately. Furthermore, from EC sensor, we can also calculate the nutrients of N, P, K individually. Finally, it also shows predictive curcumin yield immediately by applying our productivity model.

Microbiota Prediciton

     Next step, by entering the values of N, P, K nutrients respectively, our Microbiota Prediction model will predict the microbiota distribution just in a few minutes. In addition, it will calculate the shannon index to show how healthy the soil is. Please watch the demo video below to understand how it works!

Effects of Bio-stimulator

     Finally, spread the specific amount of bio-stimulators decided by our system automatically into the soil where our turmeric was grown. Then use NGS to observe the effects of bio-stimulator on soil from May to July.

Figure 1: The ratio amount of bacteria with different functions shows the effects of bio-stimulator.
(PGPB stands for plant growth-promoting bacteria. NB stands for Nitrifying bacteria.)

     After sampling the NGS data of this three month, we classified the top 20 bacteria in those data to get the function table at figure 1. We can see that the ratio of plant growth-promoting bacteria (PGPB) is rising, and the ratio of plant pathogenic bacteria is fluctuating in a small amount, which means that we can achieve the purpose of raising good bacteria in the case of controlling the proportion of plant pathogenic bacteria by using the biostimulator. Nitrifying bacteria and phosphate solubilizing bacteria rise. These bacteria produce chemical fertilizers, so their increase can reduce the amount of fertilizer applied. The decline in pollution indicator bacteria indicates that the proportion of pollutants in the soil components has decreased.That is, we have not applied pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides etc., and the soil is slowly repairing itself over time. Finally, the data shows that the denitrifying bacteria decline. Denitrifying bacteria can represent the nitrate content, and the high nitrate content will cause environmental pollution. All information shows us that every month after spreading the biostimulator, the soil gets healthier. It is worth that the evenness of this three months is improving. Therefore, we confirmed that biostimulator can control bacterial changes and make the soil healthier, and evenness can be used as a criterion for segmental soil health.