Team:NEU China B/Attributions

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General Support

  • Yanjian Li
  • Wei Du
  • Xindi Gao
  • Chenhao Suo
  • Qiaojing Liang
  • Yang Meng
  • Project support and advice

    Professor Chen Ding

    Fundraising support

  • Hongqiang Qi: To organize the budget of the project, submit an expense account, and prepaid listing.
  • Office for the President of Northeastern University of China
  • International Office of Northeastern University of China
  • Educational Administration Office of Northeastern University of China
  • Finance Department of Northeastern University of China
  • College of life and health sciences Northeastern University of China
  • Lab and equipment support

  • Professor Chen Ding: To provide full support of lab and equipment.
  • Master Yanjian Li and Master Wei Du: To teach us how to work in the biology lab.
  • Master Chenhao Suo: To help us to find talent about design wiki and help provide suggestions when we meet with difficulties in the experiment.
  • Wiki support Xuyao Hu

    DNA Sequences

  • GENEWIZ: To sequence our plasmids and creating our primers
  • IGEM KIT: To provide some important parts for us
  • Yanjian Li: To teach us how to use GENEWIZ
  • Presentation coaching

    Professor Chen Ding

    Human Practices support

  • Shengjuan Jiang
  • Yujie Peng
  • Qiaochu Jiang
  • Zhenhua Wu
  • Huanying He
  • Pengfei Zhu
  • Xuehang Meng