Team:NEU China B/Basic Part

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Part Number Part Name TypeDescriptionLength(bp)
BBa_K2824001 LuxS Coding LuxS gene can produce LuxS protein and catalyze the formation of AI-2, a signaling molecule of the quorum sensing pathway.519
BBa_K2824002 LsrA promoter Regulatory The LsrA promoter can be blocked by Lsrr protein, so they are not expressed in normal condition. Only when the signal molecule AI-2 exists can it bind to lsrr and change its conformation so that gene expression is no longer suppressed and can function normally.247
BBa_K2824002 T7 T7 Part All the genes linked to the T7 promoter could be expressed under suitable conditions .What’s more, the intensity of gene expression increases can be higher. 78
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