Team:NEU China B/Team

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Our team is NEU-China.
There are 12 members and 2 instructors. The members come from different major.
To the 2 instructors. Hongqiang Qi is the vice president of Life Science and Health College in North eastern university. Professor Chen Ding is deputy director of the Neuroscience Institute. We are family.

Shengjuan Jiang

Captain of the team. Nothing is out of her plan.

Yujie Peng

Lab controller. The expert of experiment in our team.

Qiaochu Jiang

The backbone in the lab. She is familiar with most of the steps of the experiment.

Zhenhua Wu

He's an all-rounder in the squad.

Huanying He

The coordinator of the experiments. Possess a brave heart as well as a bright brain filled of fantastic ideas.

Pengfei Zhu

Major in life science, He always be energetic in the laboratory.

Xuehang Meng

A student who is willing to learn and do the experiments, and still trying to improve himself not only in studying.

Ming Hao

He’s the strong backup in the team.

Meiyue Li(Material college)

Siyu E(Information college)

Haoan Feng(Software college)

Lingfeng Qiu(Software college)

Yifeng Zheng(Art college)

Min Ren(School of Business Administration)

Haoyu Liu(Computer college)


Dr. Chen.Ding, PhD student tutor. He received his doctorate from the University of Dublin, Ireland, in September 2009. From 2009 to 2013, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Duke University's Department of Pharmacology and Cancer.
Hongqiang Qi.The vice dean of Life Science and Health College. He received his BMS and MMS degree in School of Humanities and Law, Northeastern University. He has been working in Northeastern University for 13 years since 2003. He is our team leader and is in charge of contacting with NEU committee.


Yanjian Li

Wei Du

Xindi Gao

Hailong Li

Qiaojing Liang