Team:NKU CHINA/Attributions


Attributions in PopQC System Construction

Zeyu Zhou, Zhihao Yan, Lin Luan:

  • Construction of pHT01-PgltAB/gltX/ldh/ugt/arg/accd-lacI-Pgrac-tetA.
  • Fermentation of pHT01-PgltAB-lacI-Pgrac-tetA in Bacillus amyloliquefaciens LL3 to measure its γ-PGA yield.
  • Fermentation of pHT01-PgltAB/P43-GFP in Bacillus sp. for measuring their OD600, the fluorescence of GFP and the expression level of GltC.

Ziyu Wang, Danqing Tong, Senhao Kou, Fanyang He:

  • Genome editing in Bacillus amyloliquefaciens LL3 and Bacillus subtilis 168 on glutamate related genes’ promoters for higher glutamate concentration, for example, icd and gltAB.
  • Construction of pHT01-PgltAB/P43-GFP. Fermentation of pHT01-PgltAB/P43-GFP in Bacillus sp. to verify the relationship of glutamate concentration and the effect of PgltAB.
  • Construction of pHT01-mCherry-lacI-PgltAB-Pgrac-tetA-GFP(int). Fermentation under different glutamate concentration for measuring OD600 and FI of mCherry and GFP and mRNA in Bacillus amyloliquefaciens LL3 transformed with pHT01-mCherry-lacI-PgltAB-Pgrac-tetA-GFP(int).

Lin Luan, Senhao Kou:

InterLab Study

Min Zheng:

Wiki Construction

Guanyue Xiong:

Mathematical Modeling; Human Practice

Ziyu Wang, Danqing Tong:

Parts improvements (a. Enhance the promoter PliaG(BBa_K823000) of Bacillus subtillis in the iGEM part by mimic the structure of P43 and test with pHT01-GFP promoter testing system. b. Construction of pHT01-P43-tetA (codon optimized) and pHT01-P43-tetA(kit) and then testing the function of the codon optimized one.) and construction.

Yu Zhao, Qiuhan Lang: Human Practice

Investigation and propaganda on synthetic biology and iGEM to high school students and the society. Social practice in western China. Consult and communicate with Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Tianjin International Joint Academy Biomedicine, and a famous biotech company named Novozymes. Conferences participating like CCiC and the iGEM league conference in Beijing-Tianjin region.

Zhaolin Ma, Zixin Zhao, Bo Xu: Art Design

Design our team logo, characters, story, refrigerator magnets and uniforms. Draw up the experiment flow chart. Make a folding of our project for Human practice group to conduct propaganda. Poster and PPT making. Help wiki group to establish website. Team video making, pictures collecting and voice recording. Design and upload team banner.


  • Cunjiang Song:

    Prof. Cunjiang Song contributed greatly to the initial idea of this project and gave us lots of inspirations. Unfortunately, he’s gone forever. We always miss our beloved teacher.

  • Zhihui Cheng:

    Prof. Zhihui Cheng is an extremely responsible primary PI. He has been pushing our project to progress normally from the very beginning.

  • Chao Yang:

    Prof. Chao Yang provided us with experimental equipment and materials. He also helped us find solutions when our experiments went wrong.

  • Weixia Gao:

    As an instructor of our team, Weixia Gao not only gave us clear and essential instructions, but also offered us the most direct assistance. She also helped us with the construction of B. amyloliquefaciens LL3 Asp auxotroph.


We would like to thank the College of Life Sciences and Boling College for care and support. We would like to thank the Key Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology and Technology, Ministry of Education. We would like to thank the Prof. Ting Ma for offering us spectrophotometer and high pressure liquid chromatography and also thank him for providing us with opportunities to communicate with the Novozymes company. We would like to thank Prof. Huifeng Jiang and Prof. Changhao Bi for giving us useful advice on experimental design and operation.

We would like to thank the Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Tianjin International Joint Academy Biomedicine and Novozymes for providing communicating chance to us and giving us a perfect platform to present our project.

Finally, we want to thank teams listed below for helping us improve our project on data process and analysis, modelling, human practice, etc.

  • iGEM Team NPU-China;
  • iGEM Team Peking;
  • iGEM Team Tianjin;
  • iGEM Team TUST_China;
  • iGEM Team UCAS-China.