General Support

Prof. Ouyang Qi, Prof. Wei Ping, Prof. Lin Yihan, Dr. Zhang Haoqian, Zhang Yihao and other teachers helped us during our brainstorming and gave us useful suggestions.

Prof. He Xinqiang and Prof. Wang Qingsong kindly allowed us to use their laboratory.

Li Cheng gave us invaluable guidance and offered great help, from the beginning to the end.

Fu Cai, Wu Jiegen and Huang Zhecheng gave us meticulous advice.

Materials Support

Prof. Dai Junbiao and Prof. Yuan Yingjin provided us with the plasmid encoding the carotene-synthesis enzymes.

Prof. Shu Xiaokun provided us with the plasmids encoding the HOTags.

Zhang Jing, Fan Yingying and Kuang Xiangyu provided us with some necessary reagents.

Bio&Chem Reagent Management Platform, Peking University supported us in reagent purchases.

Experiment Equipment Support

Prof. Tang Chao and Dr. Liu Qi provided the fluorescence microscope.

Prof. Lou Chunbo and Dr. Zong Yeqing showed us the design and function of a low-cost fluorescence stereomicroscope.

Prof. Zhang Chong and Zhou Yikang kindly helped us with carotene extraction and HPLC.

Prof. Xu Luping taught us how to produce a microscope using a 3D printer.

Fan Yingying and Zhang Zhibo helped us with the usage of the fluorescent microscope.

Theoretical Guidance

Prof. Ouyang Qi, Prof. Wei Ping, Prof. Lin Yihan and Prof. Qi Zhi participated in our presentation rehearsal and gave suggestions for revisions.

Prof. Ouyang Qi instructed us on metabolic modelling.

Prof. Louis Tao, Prof. Dong Bin and Prof. Ge Hao kindly helped us with the stochastic simulations in modelling.

Dr. Zhang Haoqian and Zhang Yihao gave us some valuable instructions on human practice and gave us an introduction into frontier bio-industry.

Zhang Jing helped us on the details of experimental procedures.

Peking University Kindergarten gave us an opportunity to introduce synthetic biology to children.

Yiwen Expert Text Solutions ( provided expert text correction service for the content of our wiki.