Shi Shuyu was responsible for plasmid construction, yeast transformation, flow cytometry, β-carotene production, collaboration with Beijing National Day School, and she also took part in “Human Practice” and fluorescence microscopy. She was also involved in team interactions and provided her great interpersonal skills and kindness in resolving conflicts.

Li Kai tried out in molecular cloning in the early stages and then focused on microscopic assays and the validation of the function of synthetic organelles. As a team leader, he was also involved in all aspects of the work to ensure the overall direction of the team.

Song Deying worked mainly on modelling the dynamics and kinetics of the phase separation system. She was in charge of human practice. She also helped with plasmid extraction and carotene extraction in the lab.

Zhang Wei participated in plasmid construction at the first stage. Later on, she was involved in yeast transformation. Additionally, she made a freehand sketching video to illustrate the phenomenon of phase transition in cells.

Lin Yongjie took responsibility for quantitative fluorescence characterization and data processing of the phase-separation system. She also participated in modelling analysis of the system and combined it with the experimental results.

Guo Fuyu Wet lab: Molecular cloning; Human Practice: Statistical Analysis of iGEM Team information.

Zhu Yuhao conducted plasmid construction and the optimization of molecular cloning methods.

Li Xin was responsible for plasmid construction. Additionally, he was in charge of yeast transformation. He was also responsible for parts construction and participated in the Interlab.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was mainly in charge of the modelling part of the project, and also participated in a part of the human practices and occasionally helped with the experiments.

Li Tairan mainly focused on art design. He participated in the design and polishing our poster, presentation and wiki. What’s more, he also helped in molecular cloning.

Chen Ruhang mainly focused on the construction of the plant hormone-controlled phase separation system. He was also responsible for all financial affairs and communication with school officers.

Zhong Bitao was mainly responsible for the wiki, as well as the official accounts, and sometimes helped other members with their experiments.

Chen Yuyang mainly focused on molecular cloning and part construction. He was also involved in team interactions.

Yang Jianzhao took charge of opreating the lab, reagent supply and equipment maintenance. He was involved in the Interlab, molecular cloning and wet lab troubleshooting.

Shen Xuanyu participated in the design of the wiki site.