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iGEM Team Attributions

Special Thanks

The Pittsburgh_CSL iGEM 2018 Team is a team that has students from 5 different high schools that come together at The Citizen Science Lab to work on an iGEM project. A lot of effort, time, and resources have gone into completing our 2018 iGEM project. We would like to thank all of our advisors and mentors that have guided us through this rigorous competition and taught us the necessary techniques needed to complete our project. We have learned so much from our advisors and mentors at The Citizen Science Lab, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh and we thank them for the opportunity to participate in the 2018 iGEM Jamboree.

Team Members

Julianne Harrison, Pittsburgh Science & Technology Academy, Junior, Wet lab

Julianne is part of the experimental team, working on everything lab related including the Shewanella and E. coli fuel cells and improving characterization of the Salt Sensor. Julianne performed methods for cloning such as DNA minipreps and digestions, transformations, and sequencing reactions as well as microbial fuel cell assembly, data collection and analysis. Julie was also team leader and kept track of deadlines and team communication.

Breona Pippens, Oakland Catholic High School, Senior, Wet lab.

Breona is part of the experimental team and worked with cloning and culturing of the Shewanella and E. coli. Previous experience with microbial fuel cells from a program called Ice-T at The Citizen Science Lab, Breona helped with the design of the current microbial cell and provided insight on the evolution of the microbial fuel cell- from mud to media.

Jerome McCree, Central Catholic High School, Junior, Designer.

Jerome is part of the design team working on everything design related and the coded the Wiki.

Ray Persaud, Propel High School, Junior, Researcher.

Ray helped with some experiments in the lab and also worked on an outreach project called the DNA Code game and developing an app that is compatible with IOS devices.

Michael Franklin, Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School, Junior, Research and Design.

Michael helped with experiments and research for the project.

Tyler Griffin, Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School, Junior, Research and Design.

Tyler helped with experiments and research for the project.

Advisors and Mentors

Dr. Andre Samuel, The Citizen Science Lab, President and CEO.

Dr. Samuel recruited students for our Pittsburgh_CSL iGEM team. He taught fundamental lab techniques and helped to design the project; as well as provided lab equipment at The Citizen Science Lab to complete experiments.

Dr. Alan Seadler, Duquesne University, Associate Academic Vice President for Research.

Dr. Seadler holds the Edward V. Fritzky Chair in Biotechnology Leadership, and is director for the Center for Biotechnology and helped with program coordination.

Dr. Cheryl Telmer, Carnegie Mellon University, Research Biologist.

Dr. Telmer advised the experimental team by providing protocols, interpreting data and troubleshooting. Being familiar with the iGEM program, Dr. Telmer also provided relevant insight and guidance during the preparation for the competition.

Cynthia Thomas, The Citizen Science Lab, Laboratory Technician.

Cynthia supported the experimental team with her knowledge of protocols and lab techniques for setup and troubleshooting. Cynthia was also instrumental in preparing for the competition.

Vianie Henri, Duquesne University, Senior, Undergraduate Advisor.

Vianie is an undergraduate biology student at Duquesne University and helped the team with the experiments and troubleshooting.

Samuel Doctor, Adva-Net, Senior Java Developer.

Sam worked with Ray to develop the DNA Code Game.

The team would also like to thank the University of Pittsburgh undergraduate iGEM Teams, 2017 and 2018, for instruction, experimental and coding guidance throughout the project and Carrianne Floss for programmatic support. We also want to thank Sam Doctor for help with designing the DNA Code game, the Lighthouse Project for discussions and song recording, the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering materials team for discussions about metal foams for cathodes.